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Discover our wide selection of animal bookends such as bear bookends, swan bookends, cat bookends, owl bookends and lion bookends, to a wide range of decorative bookends such as cat bookends, rabbit bookends and greyhound bookends.  Our unique bookends selection serve well as graduation gifts, birthday gifts, executive gifts or gifts for the corporate person. We also feature reading animal bookends such as the reading monkey bookends, reading bunny, reading bears and reading mama bear and cub bookends. Bookends add some character to the desk and the deer bookends can also be used to supplement your lodge decor. The Bull and Bear bookends is an excellent executive gift. If you have any questions regarding our bookends, email us 


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Large Animal Bookends

Book ends which were once mere book holders have become decorative elements for the home and office. Whatever your interests are, our collection of animal bookends offer astounding gift ideas such as our large greyhound bookends, swan bookends, pushing bunny bookends, owl bookends, an reading monkey bookends. Our Bull and Bear bookends will make an impressive addition to a financial executive's desk. With so much to choose from there always one for your particular gifting occasion.

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Lion Gifts include this choice of lion bookends for decorating your desk and adding to that lion decor charm.

bull and bear bookends

Animal bookends come in many forms and themes like our adorable bunny book ends shown here with a mischievous grin.

Bronzed Lion Bookends,

$125.00 #866


Bull and Bear Bookends,

$98.00 #16123

Pushing Bunny Bookends,

$68.00 #13010PB


Cat on Base Bookends,

$59.95 #21771


And if you are a fan for dog bookends, then maybe this set of resin greyhound bookends might strike some interest if you have a penchant for greyhounds.


Wolf Bookends


Wildlife Bear Bookends


iron pushing rabbit bookends, pushing bunny bookends, cast iron rabbit bookends


Resin Greyhound Bookends, $74.95 #13011


Wolf Bookends,

$124.95 #904WB


Wildlife Bear Bookends, $154.95, #984


Iron Pushing Rabbit  Bookends,

$89.95, #988


Our swan bookends adds a grace and charm if you are seeking unique bird book ends for the home and office.

Stacked Reading Frog Bookends

Lazy Frog Bookends

Wildlife Deer Bookends

Swan Bookends,

$99.95 #13009


Stacked Reading Frog Bookends,

$69.95 #19347


Lazy Frog Bookends,

$59.95, #3187


Wildlife Deer Bookends, $129.00, #985






One of our suggested ideas for unique childrens book ends, this set of rabbit bookends is a fairytale charmer!


Monkey Bookends


Reading Bear and Cub Bookends, cast Iron Bear and Cub Bookends



Studious Rabbit Bookends, $59.95  #13012


Monkey Bookends,

$89.95 #30459 


Reading Bear and Cub Bookends $62.95 #13022 


Reading Monkey Bookends,

$69.95 #13017









Resin Horse Book Ends Cast Iron and Wood Monkey Bookends Horse Shoe Bookends Fu Dog Bookends in Cast Iron 

Horse Bookends,

$59.95 #982


Studious Monkey Bookends,

$59.95 #496


Horse Shoe Bookends,

$59.95 #13014


Oriental Foo Lion Bookends,

$129.95 #813

Cast Iron Owl Bookends Country Style Bookends Country Rooster Bookends Country Rooster Bookends 

Mr Owl Bookends,

$69.95 #954


Country Bookends,

$55.00 #21311


Country Rooster Bookends, $59.95 #835



Country Rooster Bookends,

$75.00 #421


Our large animal bookends which features the major wonders of the world are akin to stone carved bookends but they are made of very high quality resin. For instance, the large lion with ball bookends, Greek Column Bookends or Acropolis will make a fine vintage and office decor statement to the home and office - each bookend has been laboriously carved and reflect fine detailed work that will be appreciated! Bookends which were used to serve well for holding books, are now being used as accent pieces for the study and workplace. The kind of bookends available in the market offer numerous choices to coordinate not only with the decorative aspects of the home and office but also offer a choice as gift ideas for friends and family.



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