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Gator the Business Card Holder

Business card holders add a unique addition to the office decor with their many available styles and accents. Our choice in business card holders include whimsical animal card holders like our frog business card holder, gargoyle card holder and other wildlife card holders like our wolf business card holder and crocodile card holder. Whether you are choosing the formal business card holders or something cool, we have card holders that come in acrylic, fiberglass resin and brass or metal.




Gargoyle Business Card Holder

If you are seeking some unique otter desk accessories, then this set of an otter business card holder and pen caddy may strum up a neat gift idea.

Brass Dolphin Business Card Holder

Frog Business Card Holder

Gargoyle Business Card Holder, $39.95 #723

Otter Card Holder and Caddy, $59.95 #12318

Dolphin Card Holder, $42.95 #711

Frog Business Card Holder, $38.00 #16790

Gator the Business Card Holder

Brass Dolphin Card Holder

Deluxe Business Card Holder

Cat Business Card Holder

Gator the Business Card Holder, $86.95, 12407C

Dolphin Card Holder

$45.00 #927


Deluxe Business Card Holder, $59.95 #800


 Cat Card Holder,

$42.00, #30785

















Business card holders add style and fun to the desk with their unique theme. Our range of business card holders add some fun with their cute adorable look. Gargoyle are known to be protectors of the home and our cute gargoyle business card holder is a delightful guard for the desk. And for all things coastal, we have our dolphin business card holders to add some element of the sea to the desk or table.  And our frog business holder is unable to suppress a tinge of cheek as he proudly upholds your business card for all to see. For all business card holders formal, we of course recommend the executive business card holders and acrylic business card holders.


Business Card Holders