Donkey Statues:

The donkey also known as the ass is inherent in much of the literature of the old and oftentimes, holds an important scenic addition for a nativity set. The donkey is noted to be a domesticated form of the horse but unlike the horse, is noted for its stronger personality. It is said that horses are frightened easily but donkeys stand ground. Our range of donkey statues and sculptures including adorable selections of donkeys for indoor and outdoor display from donkey garden statues to small donkey figurines for indoor display.

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nativity donkey statues, realistic color donkey statue


Donkey Statues, Sculptures and Figurines:


Donkeys are notably adorable animals which have a penchant for inspiring many creative stories and are sometimes included in children stories. These animals are noted for their economic use and are often employed in the fields. Although they are often noted to be stubborn, some farmers may consider the use of donkeys because of their prevalence in sturdy work which  may eventually tire a horse. Our range of donkey statues and sculptures will surely add a lovely interest for a home or garden decor.


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Our little donkey statue is created from resin and comes in a lying down position.


Resin Donkey Statue


Our donkey statues come with character as this garden donkey does with his decision to capture the look of the world as he settles down for a view. Resin.


nativity donkey statues, realistic color donkey statue

13"H Resin Donkey Statue, $129.95 #33562


Resin Donkey Statue, $144.95 #33564


27"W Garden Donkey Statue, $259.95 #33565


Nativity Donkey Sculpture, $319.95 #33566



Our large bronze donkey statue comes beautifully crafted, a fitting addition for a large garden or park decor.







Large Bronze Donkey Statue, $4,390.00 #30546



































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Donkey Statues and Sculptures