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Our range of kitchen plaques create a unique decor statement for a multitude of decor styles and designs whether you are seeking kitchen wall decor plaques for a grape decor setting, autumn setting or a wine decor theme. We even feature the delightful rooster plaques for adding some oomph to the country wall decor for the kitchen. And for those wanting fruit plaques, why not consider the simple and yet attractive designs afforded by ceramic plaques. With ceramic plaques, the colors get vibrant and detailed.

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Our Kitchen Gifts Catalog features some unique kitchen plaques and fruit plaques which will make favorable wedding gifts and housewarming presents. The use of kitchen plaques means using the space of your walls effectively to create a function and aesthetic value that you can appreciate and feel comfortable with. And why not display them if they are attractive enough to be admired? Whether you are seeking wall sculptures or rustic metal wall plaques to complement the feel, kitchen plaques are a definite yes for adding that zest to the kitchen wall decor. Discover a range of kitchen plaques and kitchen wall art including grape kitchen plaques, wine plaques and country kitchen wall decor to spice those walls.

  Rooster plaques are a neat solution towards adding to the rooster home decor theme. Our range of rooster wall plaques adds some spice and color that is not to be missed.

Grape plaques are very much wine theme related and a set of these lovely grape wall plaques adds much towards creating that wine decor theme for the kitchen or bar.

Grape Wall Roundel and Plaque

Set of Rooster Plaques

The pineapple is a symbol of merriment, welcome and hospitality and our lovely pineapple wall plaque sets the stage for indoor home and kitchen use.
Cast Iron Rooster Plaque, $59.95 #H5617 Decorative Grape Wine Plaques, $115.00 #1351 Grape Wall Roundel, $45.00, #H5619 Tall Rooster Plaques - Wood, $105.00 #8701 Pineapple Wall Plaque, $69.95, #H3410
Ever thought of complementing with our set of wine wall plaques. Created from metal, it adds an antique appeal and yet emphasises a taste for good living. The lemon creates a concept of freshness and sweetness. Our large lemon plaques add color and a refreshing addition to the kitchen wall decor looking for a neat set of fruit plaques. Chili wall plaques add a southwestern decor appeal - a must for anyone looking to spice up the look of the kitchen with all things Mediterreanean. Victorian Fruit Fragment Bowed Fruit Plaque
Wine Wall Plaques, $89.95 #H5613 Lemon Plaques Set of 2, $99.95 #H5614 Ceramic Chilli Plaque, $39.95 #H5615

Victorian Fruit Fragment, $110 each, #47004

Bowed Fruit Plaque, $110.00, #510511
Our grape plaque and fragment is a charming addition to the bar room decor and kitchen walls. Made of solid cast iron on wood. Large Vegetable Kitchen Wall Plaque Our set of 2 kitchen fruit plaques adds a measures of country decor to the kitchen walls as each metal plaques features a bowl of fruits painted in an earthy country finish. Created with a distressed appeal, our lovely country floral wall sculpture adds a definitive statement to the kitchen as it highlights a rustic and yet decorative floral appeal.  
Grape Fragment, $38.00 #H5513  Our Kitchen is the Best, $125.00, #43126 Fruit Plaques - set of 2, $88.00 #H5620 Large Country Floral Plaque, $99.95 #H2309CF


The kitchen remains one of the most private confines of the home, the room which creates a nucleus in gathering the members of the family for a time of sharing, caring and exchanging of concerns, love and stories. The kitchen is a place for creating happy moments and times for sharing the treats that mom makes for the family. And naturally, every kitchen should be made cozy, comfortable and an efficient point for facilitating family discourse. The design of a kitchen is what makes the time for spending worthwhile and desirable. The creative use of kitchen wall decor enhances the look and feel of the kitchen. Whether the trend is towards the country home decor or a classic Italian theme or even contemporary, the use of kitchen plaques supplements that contrived and desired feel. Our choices in kitchen plaques span from country to traditional forms like the ever popular and soothing Tuscan decor settings. Email us us if you need more information on our range of kitchen plaques.


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