Patio Plant Stands - Outdoor Tiered Plant Stands

Gardening can be so much fun with our lovely selections of indoor and outdoor plant stands and garden planters highlighting several delightful European designs and decorative statements. Our unique metal plant stands, patio trivets and garden planters would make impressionable statements around the home and garden. Display these unique plant stands and planters in focal areas within your home such as the bathrooms, hallways and foyers where guests can be received and impressions can make be pleasurable. Also visit our Garden Planters catalog for more choices in garden pots including concrete garden planters and resin planters for the home and garden.

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Patio Plant Stand - Outdoor Tiered Plant Stands

Our outdoor  plant stands and garden planters allow you to keep your treasured house plants close to the heart of the home. Our French Floral Steps, as an instance, is a sturdy wrought iron plant stand that allows one to combine upright plants with trailing plants for a more enhanced decorative look. With these lovely pot racks and metal plant stands, planting can be made so easy and artful arrangements for your plantings can now be handsomely displayed for all to admire.  All our wrought iron plant stands are outdoor plant stands designed for the foyer and verandahs.





Making garden decor so much pleasurable!


English Country Plant Stand

Whimsical Frog Stand

Multi Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

Large Bamboo Plant Stand, $179.95 #1568

English Country Plant Stand, $88.00, #451

Whimsical Frog Stand, $85.00 #50022FF

Semicircle Bamboo Plant Stand, $139.95 #1566

Tiered Metal Plant Stand

Set of 2 Square Plant Stands

Baresca Plant Stand with Scrolled Feet

Pair of 22"H Twist Plant Stands

Tiered Metal Plant Stand, $78.00 #459

Set of 2 Square Plant Stands, $118.00 #50019P

Baresca Plant Stand with Scrolled Feet, $186.95, #4451  

Pair of 22"H Twist Plant Stands, $99.95, #50018

Demilune Plant Stand

Patio Plant Trivets

Patio Plant Stands

Demilune Plant Stand, $129.95 #12550

Patio Plant Trivets, $69.95 for two, #50020PT

Virginia Plant Stand, $109.95 #50015

Patio Plant Stands, $99.95 Set of 2, #50017


While some people may resort to using artificial house plants as a decorative statement on our plant stands, we believe plant stands allow for a bridged decorative aspect toward indoor plant care which would otherwise have been left to the outdoors. As a suggestion, use our tall plant stands for planting creepers and ivy plants. If you need further assistance on our outdoor plant stands and attractive garden planters, email us Our choice plant trivets allow pots to be placed a little above ground for breeding.


Introduce Indoor Gardening to your Home and add tranquility and natural tones indoors! Using varying plant stands can help position your Indoor Gardening and Garden Decor  projects lovingly.

Introducing the Greens with Indoor Gardening


Introduce our Italian Garden Planters to Your Home and Garden: 

Introducing Italian Garden Planters


There is an enormous sense of art and form that can be achieved with our garden planters and metal plant stands - you may also place these plant stands and planters in unfamiliar areas within the home to give a boost to your home decor. That way, you are adding drama and creating variety to an otherwise lifeless area. Our plant stands lend a chance to exercise creativity and they imbue a design element - experiment with our range of choices in garden planters and plant stands - we hope you enjoy them!



Patio Plant Stands, Outdoor Tiered Plant Stands, Plant Trivets