Decorative Boxes:

Our choice in decorative boxes creates a unique idea for fine home decor accents and add a fine addition to the dresser. From decorative boxes that come lidded to unique jewelry boxes and trinket boxes, our selections of decorative boxes for the home also make inviting gifts for her and as housewarming gifts.

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old english floral box, english jewelry box










Our range of decorative boxes and jewelry boxes are replete with detail and for adding to your home decorative needs. While our jewelry boxes can serve as perfect gift ideas, these jewelry boxes can be also gifts for mom and as wedding anniversary gift ideas or wedding gifts for the perfect couple. Our decorative boxes also serve well as housewarming gifts and ideas. Email us if you need further help with our decorative boxes and ornament storage suggestions.



Porcelain decorative boxes add a soothign addition to the home and our range of porcelain jewelry boxes come with lovely pastel finishes for a soothing addition.

Large Egyptian Box

Europa Box with Finial

Oriental Wooden Jewelry Box


Porcelain Pastel Box,

$96.00 #25151

Large Egyptian Box,

$119.95 #23533EB

Europa Box with Finial, $42.00 #21610

Oriental Wooden Jewelry Box, $78.00 #141


Large Jewelry Box

Astoria Jewelry Box

Pinecone Lidded Box - Porcelain

English Jewelry Box


Large Balthazar Jewelry Box, $79.95 #10063

Astoria Jewelry Box,

$59.95 #559

Pinecone Lidded Box - Porcelain,

$89.95 #71259

English Jewelry Box, $99.95 #6011


Gold Trinket Box

2-Handle Gothic Box

Scroll Resin Box

Gold Finished Acanthus Box


Gold Trinket Box,

$49.95 #71265

2-Handle Gothic Box,

$75.00 #31358

Scroll Resin Box,

$39.95 #6045

Gold Finished Acanthus Box, $68.00 #71264











Resin Decorative Box









Vendetta Box,

$75.00 #1657



























Using the right accent pieces will surely complement your home decor projects well. Our catalog features a select range of decorative boxes including jewelry boxes and ornament storage boxes such as trinket boxes. Discover also resin decorative boxes including porcelain boxes and wooden jewelry boxes that add a statement for your home including a unique selection of jewelry organizers, decorative boxes and jewelry chests, all handcrafted and hand finished with creative detail. Please email us if you have any questions. Free shipping applies on all jewelry and decorative boxes.


Storage and Decorative Boxes