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The pineapple fruit has been symbolized in many cultures and wound its way across much of colonial America as the ultimate symbol of welcome and hospitality as each hostess attempted to please and mesmorize their guests with its presence. Being an expensive fruit in those days, the pineapple fruit was admired and welcomed in the homes of hostesses and the visual impact it created with its immense detail and fruity taste was desired. Our choices for pineapple decor includes the pineapple door knocker, a pinnacle of hospitality and welcome that heralds your guests to the kindness and warmth awaiting them beyond the entrance to your door.Pineapple Door Knocker I  


A sign of hospitality and welcome that arose from the colonial America times, the pineapple symbol has wound its way on the face of many decorative home accents. This pineapple door knocker highlights sharp details and bears a nice finish as shown. Made of solid brass. Comes with its own mounting hardware.

Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.5"W x 2.5"D

Product ID 516PD


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