Door Knockers:

Discover hand crafted door knockers and door hardware which make an impression to your front door. Select from our popular styles of door knockers produced under license with famous institutions such as Historic Newport, Colonial Williamsburg and more! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as our door knockers are custom made and lovingly built from scratch. 

Free Ground Shipping on All Door Knockers.


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Beautiful Door Knockers that will set a lovely presence to your front door!

All our door knockers are made of polished and lacquered brass and are designed to last a lifetime.





Pineapple Door Knocker II

Magnolia Door Knocker

Sea Otter Door Knocker

Dolphin Door Knocker


Pineapple Door Knocker II, $56.95 #521PD2 NEW!

Magnolia Door Knocker, $45.00 #522BD

Sea Otter Door Knocker, $62.00 #524SE

Dolphin Door Knocker,

$57.00 #567

Grape Leaf Door Knocker Rectangular Pinecone Door Knocker Duck Door Knocker  

Grape Leaf Door Knocker, $59.95 #526GD

Rectangular Pinecone Door Knocker, $59.95 #530

Duck Door Knocker,

$49.95, #528

Crab Door Knocker,

$48.00 #568

  Brass Pineapple Door Knocker Brass Pineapple Door Knocker    

Pineapple Door Knocker, $55.00 #529  

Pineapple Door Knocker I, $59.95 #516PD

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Door Knocker and Door Hardware