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Decorative home accessories make a stylish, striking and exclusive statement for both your room design and home decor. 


Create First Impressions!

The hallways and foyers, dining rooms and living rooms are the focal areas which convey to your guests the importance you attach to decorating, the kind of home design you want and your personality and appreciation for all things around you. Like a stage set for a movie, your room design and total home design will be glimpsed through a mirror and first impressions are created very fast and subtly about your home. Create the right ambience, decorative aura and artistic impressions through quality home furnishings and home accessories that deliver your hospitality and warmth to those who visit your home!


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Home Decorating Tips


Home accessories and home furnishings elevate the presence of a room by creating focal points - explore some quick decorating tips and interior decorating ideas: Quick Decorating Tips with Home Accessories




Our range of wall decor and large wall sculptures are unique selections for decorating your wall spaces. Discover small wall decor accents including unique wall brackets and wall sculptures that add a telling!

Aluminum Garden Herons Wall Plaque, $139.95 #21529


The right blend of home furnishings and home decor accents speaks a lot about your tastes and personality in home decorating.

Wall Decor creates an impression to your guests and renders your room the individuality it needs. Read our article on interior decorating with wall decor:

Wall Art Makes Great Interior Decorating Sense


Explore what white sculptures and home accents forms can do to home decorating:

Decorating with White Home Accents 


Home decorating can be a rewarding process. Wallpaper murals are decorative paintings that we use to create an effect and depth within a room. When used appropriately, wall murals can make a small room look bigger and enhance the beauty of the room design very dramatically. Read Elaine's article on interior decorating with wall paper murals and see the effect that decorating with wall paper murals can do to your home design:

Create Dramatic Impressions with Wall Murals  



Discover fine home decorating ideas including European Chandeliers, exquisite Vase and Pottery, Candelabras, Candle Holders, Friezes, Wall decor and more.  Also visit our Floral Catalog for designer floral arrangements!

Our Chandeliers feature high quality American made accents which will set an illuminating statement for the foyers, kitchen and hallways. These quality antique chandeliers offer a touch of rustic country decor and is also great for any modern setting!

Visit Our Chandeliers Catalog NEW!



chandeliers, classic chandeliers, european chandeliers, home chandeliers, decorative chandeliers










Discover our decorative pottery catalogs for decorative vases, urns, compotes that would boost your home decor and home decorating projects. Our rich line of European pottery create distinctive hallway and foyer decorating. Most of our pottery are based on European originals and offers unique home decor designs. These vases, urns and pottery depict rich artistic hand work and are
individually handcrafted. Our decorative pottery are suitable for casual, contemporary or classic settings





Discover our exquisite collection of pottery including european pottery, greek pottery, stunning decorative pottery for the discriminate consumer.

Vases and Pottery


candleholders, decorative candle holders, brass candlestick, decorative candlestick








Create a colonial decor with our selection of exquisite and unique decorative candleholders including elegant candle holders
that renders intimacy and warm tones to living spaces. The candleholders are suitable for your dining rooms,
and rich brass candle holders, colonial candle holders and candlesticks exemplify rich reproduction that harmonize with your background
accents. These candleholders are great for formal dining rooms and help create an elegant focal point.


Corbels and wall brackets offer much decorative appeal due to the varying types of corbels available in the market to suit your decorative needs. Our corbel catalog carries many kinds of wall brackets and corbel shelf units that add a nice touch to your home decor projects.





Corbels and

Wall Brackets

Corbels and wall brackets present architectural antique designs for home decorating. Discover fiberglass resin corbels for your wall decor projects including lion corbels, Victorian corbels and architectural corbels and wall brackets which are decorative choices for the home.

Shown here is the Gold Leaf Bracket with monogram.


Fleur de Lis motif is a popular design that is used either in its original form or most often, stylized to keep up with the charm of modern accessories. Browse our selection of beautiful Fleur de Lis decor.





Wall Decor include wide selections of decorative wall plaques including fiberglass resin plaques, wall friezes and wall decorating ideas using corbels, wall fragments, wall brackets and much more. Free shipping on selected wall decor and wall friezes.

Fleur de Lis Decor

Explore our Wall Decor catalog for architectural wall fragments, Greek and Roman  relief and wall hangings, metal wall decor and unique coastal wall plaques for creating character to your home decor projects!


Wall Decor include wide selections of decorative wall plaques including fiberglass resin plaques, wall friezes and wall decorating ideas using corbels, wall fragments, wall brackets and much more. Free shipping on selected wall decor and wall friezes.

Wall Decor Catalogs


Our candelabras catalog features fireplace candelabras including brass, silver and pewter candelabras as well as wedding candelabras also suitable as wedding gifts for the new couple.










Candelabras accentuate the home as inviting table centerpieces. Candelabras can set a style and charm for the event. Our Candelabras may be used near fireplaces to supplement the look of the lighting at the hearth.
Many of our Candelabras are imported from Italy lending a classic European style. Browse our unique selection of Candelabras.

Discover interior decorating ideas with large decorative mirrors that set focal points in your living space. Mirrors enhance the visual impact of your room designs and allow you to contrast your home accessories against your living room furniture.pad
Decorative Wall Mirrors


Decorative Wall mirrors make a dramatic impression and distinction to any home. The right wall mirror in the foyer or the home entrance or the hallway can do wonders in impressing your guests. We feature many large decorative wall mirrors to create aesthetic statement in the foyers and hallways.  View our exquisite collection of Decorative Wall Mirrors.


Discover door knockers which carry the spirit of our country! Reproduced under license with esteemed foundations, these lovely door knockers will set a welcoming knock to your front door.

Our door knockers are created with style and each door knocker serves to create a theme for your front door decor. A wide range of door knockers that include nautical door knockers, antique door knockers highlighting the gothic or Victorian decor as well as those with contemporary styles. We even feature a wide range of pineapple door knockers for those seeking to create a hospitable welcome from the very beginning of the home entrances. All door knockers are made of solid brass and come with instructions for installation.








Door Knockers


decorative boxes, ornament storage boxes, storage boxes, decorative box, jewelry chests, ornament storage, housewarming gifts, home accents, home decor accents, trinket boxes

Decorative Boxes





Our choice in decorative boxes creates a unique idea for fine home decor accents and add a fine addition to the dresser. From decorative boxes that come lidded to unique jewelry boxes and trinket boxes, our selections of decorative boxes for the home also make inviting gifts for her and as housewarming gifts.

The most enchanting forms of country home decor whether it is the French Country or American Country Home are the careful use of idyllic accessories that create a harmonious, natural and seamless charm for the rustic flair certainly a homey feeling. Hence, our charm and interest in the rooster home decor.  View our Rooster Decor catalog for unique and interesting Rooster decor ideas.






Rooster Decor





Coastal decor and cottage beach decor are characterized by soft tones and pastel finishes of coastal decorations and beach themes
Coastal Accents that add refreshing and invigorating tones to the home.  Browse our Coastal Decor catalog for refreshing coastal decor ideas.


Our coastal decor catalog is replete with home decor accessories and suggestions to create the coastal decor look not fogetting the other sea themes including the beach cotrtage decor and nautical home decor. Our range of shell decor accents, bath accessories, coastal wall plaques, coastal candle holders, choice of coastal animals including coastal birds, dolphins, starfish and sea horses, offer much choices. Visit our coastal decor catalog.

Coastal Decor

Home Accessories



Loving Giraffes, $145.00 #220   


Quality home accessories you could use...


Use home furnishings and home accessories that convey color.  Color carries a lot of meaning in interior design and can create the ambience and aura that you seek for your total home designs.  A theme - Victorian, Rococo, Baroque or maybe a Mission-Style - also creates a specific setting.  Whatever your decorating preferences may be, it is color that communicates a great deal in achieving the decorating atmosphere you seek. 


silk floral arrangement, silk floral decor, floral home decor, decorative floral arrangementsPalms, pods, foliage branches and Protea with Atlantis bowl included.

Discover our luxurious silk floral arrangements which are created using the finest materials possible. Our beautiful floral arrangements offer a distinct addition for your home decorating and home decor projects.



Brass Candlestick








Discover beautiful brass candleholders which create interest and an ambience.


Set of Oak Leaves Candle Holders, #32179  

Free Shipping!


English Bowl Centerpiece

$105.00, #1861

 Our pottery catalog highlights Roman vases, urns and vessels for boost your home designs and home decorating projects. Inspiring accents for those last minute touches!



Discover corbels and wall brackets made of fiberglass resin from a range of classic and architectual corbels that incorporate the Victorian and Renaissance themes; our large wall brackets and corbels create a sense of drama and culture to the room as it evokes the sentiments of the classic era.View Our Corbels Catalog

Wall decor has its purpose - to set  architectural designs and decorative elements to your home decor projects. Visit our Corbels Catalog for exclusive home furnishings and wall art. Home decorating can be just as fruitful and enjoyable as you deem it to be! 

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Home Decor Selections:

Candle Holders and Candle Sconces Candelabras Ceiling Lights Chandeliers Corbels Decorative Boxes Door Knockers Fireplace Decor Floral Arrangements Garden Plaques Home Accessories Indoor Statuary Kitchen Lighting Mirrors Plant Stands Rooster Home Decor Sun Plaques Table Lamps Vases and Pottery Wall Decor Wall Friezes Wall Planters

Decorating Styles Selections:

Fleur de Lis Decor Coastal Home Decor Pineapple Home Decor Rooster Home Decor 


Discover our home decorating catalogs for fresh interior decorating ideas, home accessories and unique home accents, and home designs solutions using our corbels and wall decor accents, decorating tips,  interior design ideas with beautiful Roman friezes and architectural wall decor accents and many more. Explore our suggestions for the many architectural accessories, home accents and home furnishings that we can offer from our home decorating catalogs; most home accents are based on the original and are crafted with great artisanship  - we also offer interior decorating tips and ideas for use around the house - please check our home decorating catalogs often for more fresh ideas and decorating solutions. Write to us if you need further information on our home accents and products.


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