Discover English Gothic and Renaissance wall decor with unique selections of architectural friezes and decorative wall tiles at - our friezes comes in beautiful durable finishes which create lasting home decorating impressions. All friezes and wall tiles including our Quatrefoil plaques and Fleur de lis friezes and architectural fragments like our foliage and cherub friezes, are handcrafted and then painstakingly hand finished to reflect character and depth. Visit our Corbels Catalog and Wall Decor Catalog for more wall decor choices.

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Wall decor can be a delightful pursuit and represents an effort on the part of the home owner, to meld in the differing home accessories against the backdrop of an otherwise empty wall. If you have decided on the English Classical like the Gothic and Renaissance appeal, then our unique fleur de lis plaques with their enchanting endearment of the creative use of the fleur de lis designs and the charming use of the Quatrefoil theme, may be a lovely way of adding character to such wall decor projects. 

Most wall friezes and plaques come with a choice of finishes to match living room or foyer decorating efforts. 


Large Bronze Roman Warrior Frieze

Tropical Floral Fragment - Pair

Architectural Crest with Scroll Plaques

Large Bronze Roman Warrior Frieze, $2,590.00 #15468

Tropical Floral Fragment - Pair, $89.95 #1216 

Basket of Fruit Plaque, $99.95 #H3209  Architectural Crest with Scroll Plaques, $169.95 #12170AC
Large Heron Plaque Quatrefoil Plaques Large Wall Frieze with Monogram Option
Architectural Fleur de Lis Plaque, $75.00 #1109 Large Heron Plaque, $120.00 #1704 Large Quatrefoil Plaques, $185.00 #12173  Large Wall Frieze with Monogram Option, $159.95 #12172
Set of Architectural Wall Tiles Scallop Wall Frieze Large Cherub Wall Sculpture
Set of Architectural Wall Tiles, $124.00 #1578 Kitchen Wall Frieze, $99.95 #330 Scallop Wall Frieze, $58.00 #12170 Large Cherub Wall Sculpture, $75.00 #12174

Wall Decor creates an impression to your guests and renders your room the individuality it needs. Read Elaine's article on interior decorating with wall decor:

Wall Art Makes Great Interior Decorating Sense



Discover home decorating catalogs and interior decorating ideas with unique selections of wall friezes from fiberglass resin wall plaques and fragments to metal wall friezes and plaques.  Use a large wall art piece or plaques that lifts up the look of a wall or add a small wall piece to an area which does not take the rest of the look away. We also recommend using modern wall decor accents in a traditional room - the beauty and impression of such a combination only enhances the presence of your room space. You can also make a style statement by setting a large wall decor piece atop a dresser or add a wall sconce atop a mantel to add drama and glamour to your walls - please email us for further details.




Architectural Wall Friezes and Tiles