Large Angel Statues: Large Angel Sculptures

Discover garden angel statues, angel sculptures and guardian angels including fiberglass resin angel statues and garden angel statuary for the home and garden. Our angel statues include life size angels, angel figurines and angel baby angels. We have also introduced new selections of Fontanini angel statues and other beautiful angels. Create a heavenly presence with our garden angels and garden angel sculptures with angel birdfeeders to set a welcome for your feathered friends. Our wide range of angel figurines and garden angel sculptures are designed to fit in with your overall home and garden décor. All angel sculptures which are colored are done so in accordance with church approved finishes. These include such pieces as our majestic angel statues, praying angels and life size church angels statues. Most angel statues come with free shipping.

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Large Angel Garden Statue for Church, large heavenly angel statues







Our magnificent garden angel statues and angel figurines are beautiful pieces that are long lasting and create an accent to your home and garden which will be appreciated. Our fiberglass resin garden angels are made of designer grade fiberglass resin which is the same type of material used in the creation of boats.

Your landscape design is never complete without one or two cherubs statues and even angel statues. Our angel statues are based on European originals and are handcrafted with great deal of realism and artistry. If you have any questions regarding our cherubs and angel figurines and statues, email us.








Large Garden Angel Statue on Pedestal, large angel with wings, large garden angel statue, winged angel garden statues

large life size praying angel garden statue, large praying angel statues

Large Angel Garden Statue for Church, large heavenly angel statues


Large Angel Descending,

$699.00  #30351

Large Garden Angel Statue, $614.95  #12013

Large Praying Angel Statue,

$365.00 $292.00#12655

Large Gloria Angel Statue - 41"H,

$649.95 #15265


Large Praying Angel

angel with harp, angel playing harp

large angel of grace statue, large angel with wings, graceful angel statues, large resin angel

large angel with dove garden statue for Church, large angel on pedestal statues, large Church angels, large gravestone angels, large memorial angels, large heavenly angel statues


Large Praying Angel,

$249.95, #30200 

Angel with Harp,

$96.00 #12575 

Large Angel of Grace, $389.95,#12012 

Large Angel with Dove on Pedestal, $659.50 #12015


garden flower girl, garden girl with flower skirt, resin girl with flower, flower girl with wings, flower angel

Our angel statues make divine angel decorations for the home and garden.

Child Angel Statues includes this beautiful girl praying angel statue for the home and garden.


Flower Angel,

$85.00 $68.00 #2915AN

Large Angel Girl w/Feeder,

$92.95 #15264ANG

Serene Angel,

$89.95 #87000

20"H Child Angel Statue,

$74.95 #15321A 




large kneeling angel in prayer statues, kneeling angel statues, resin kneeling angels, angel in prayer, angel with cross arms, winged angel in prayer

little boy angel garden statue, boy angel statues, praying boy angel

Large Sleeping Angel Statue and Sculpture


Pretty Angel,

$68.00 #12577

22"H Kneeling Angel, $242.00 $194.95 #12578

Boy Angel Statue,

$62.95 #17500

Large Sleeping Angel Girl,

129.95 #87003




Guardian Angel and Holy Family Statue

Large Praying Angel Statue

Angel Bird Feeder Holding Bowl


Guardian Angel Statue,

$225.00 $174.95 #15300 


Angel Girl Bird Feeder,

$64.95, #12014


Praying Angel

$109.95 #10421AG


Angel Bird Feeder Holding Bowl,

$79.95 #30357












Our angel statues and angel sculptures are created to imbibe a life like presence to your garden landscape. All our garden angel statues are created through Italian artistry and include handsome reproductions of European originals. Where appropriate, our angel sculptures and statuary are hand finished to reflect a personality that fits in with your overall decor. Discover our wide range of angel sculptures and discover a heavenly presence with our range of Italian inspired angel sculptures and concrete angel statuary. Our fine angel sculptures and angel statues have also been used in churches both indoors and outdoors.


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Large Angel Statues, Large Garden Angel Sculptures