Animal Planters:

Discover farm animal planters including large swan planters, bear planters, elephant planters and even a cocker spaniel planter for your home and garden decor. These unique animal planters will also make fine garden gifts for friends and family. Our animal planters  includes a delightful range of farm animal planters and whimsical planters, which are featured here in designer grade resin and solid cast stone. All animal planters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Cement Cocker Spaniel Planter, concrete cocker spaniel statues


Celebrate the wildlife with our enigmatic range of farm animal planters. We also feature an outstanding range of cocker spaniel planters. Our choice of animal planters and whimsical planters offers suggestions for garden gifts.

Each piece of our animal planters has been hand crafted and hand finished to reflect character and individualism. Our delightful bear planters is hand finished and created with a high degree of artisanship. And for those who love bird statues, accent your garden with our lovely swan planters for a royal elegance.

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graceful swan planter, resin swan planters, graceful swan planters, swan gifts

Our range of dog planters include wide selections of cast stone dog statues and planters as well as resin animal planters for the home and garden. Finishes apply where available on selected animal planters.

Cement Cocker Spaniel Planter

large swan planter, swan statues, swan planters, swan decor, resin swans


Graceful Swan Planter,

$138.45 #15243

Sparrow Bird Planter,

$55.00 #33579

Spaniel with Basket Planter, $208.00 #19536

Garden Swan with Neck Down,

$158.45, #20906


Scottish Terrier Planter

Spaniel Puppy Planter

Bear Planters


Scottish Terrier Planter, $62.95 #15641

Spaniel Puppy Planter, $134.95 #19555  

Frog Planter,

$75.00, #15253

Bear Planter,

$129.95, #19598


Little Frog Planter

Resin Rabbit Planter

Concrete Pig Planters

Resin Frog Planter


Little Frog Planter,

$48.00 #160161

Rabbit Planter,

$59.95 #33996

Pig Planter,

$129.95 #19562 

Little Frog Planter, $58.00, #15686




















Create a wildlife and a touch of interest with our choice of animal planters and whimsical planters such as monkey planters, elephant planters, swan planters, pig planters, cat planters, dog planters, bear planters and other unique farm animal planters for the garden. Our animal planters add a whimsical touch to the garden and also serve well as unique garden gifts.

Please visit our Garden Statues catalog for more choices on animal statuary.


Farm Animal Planters