Animal Planters:

Our range of whimsical planters and animal planters includes animal pots such as bear flower pots, swan pots, frog pots, cat pots and even dog pots for the home and garden. These unique animal pots also serve as thoughtful garden gifts for friends and the family. All animal planters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Add a touch of whimsical fun with our range of fun whimsical planters and animal planters such as our mouse pots, cat pots, dog pots, monkey pots and even bear flower pots.

Each piece of our animal planters has been hand crafted and hand finished to reflect character and individualism. Our delightful bear planters for instance, is hand finished and created with a high degree of artisanship. And for those who love bird statues, accent your garden with our lovely swan planters which will set a royal elegance.

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Squirrel Planter

Mischievous Squirrel Planter


Squirrel Planter,

$89.95 #15203


Pig Planter, $75.00, #10422  

Garden Hare Planter, $95.00 #99053

Mischievous Squirrel Planter, $125.00, #12399 


Gardener Bear Planter


Frog Planter


Frog Planter with Basket in Mouth


Bunny Garden Planter


Gardener Bear Planter,

$168.00 #15252  


L'il Frog Planter,

$59.95 #3205


Frog Planter with Basket in Mouth, $95.00,#2091 



Bunny Garden Planter,

$69.95 #33560 


Cocker Spaniel Planters

Concrete Cat Planter

Cast Iron Rabbit Planter

Two Frog Lotus Planter

Spaniel Planter,

134.95 #19556


Cat Planter,

$86.00, #19578 


 Cast Iron Rabbit Planter, $48.00 #36791


Two Frog Lotus Planter, $75.00 #12398




















Our enchanting collection of whimsical planters and decorative animal planters add a touch of fancy to the garden decor and come in  attractive finishes. Animal planters are neat as they can take the form of our favorite animal from the bear, dog, sheep, cat and even monkeys. Our enchanting monkey pot can can also hang atop a tree just to add that wildlife look. Animal planters also make fine garden gift ideas.

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Animal and Whimsical Planters