Bear Statues:

Discover a range of bear statues and bear figurines from including black bears, grizzly bears and polar bears for your black bear decor and lodge decor projects. Our bear statues together with some of our unique bear themed accessories add a charm for those seeking lodge decor and black bear decor accents around the home. We even have an affectionate panda bear statue and honey bear statues that serve some functional purpose such as acting as a key holder. All our bear statues pay tribute to this magnificent and powerful beast. The black bear statues for instance pay tribute to the bears prevalent in the United States and Canada. Also be sure to discover a vast number of animal statues at by visiting our new Garden Statues catalog.  NEW! See our Garden Statues Catalog Gargoyle Statues  Pig Statues Dog Statues Lion Statues Rabbit Statues Frogs and Turtles Cat Statues Angels and Cherubs

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Bronze Fishing Bear Sculpture






Celebrate the wildlife with our range of bear statues and bear gifts including selections of bear figurines for the home like our bear bookends and bear candle holders  and large garden bear statues and sculptures. Each piece of our bear statue has been hand crafted and hand finished to reflect character and individualism. Our delightful polar bear statue is carved with perfect realism and our concrete bear statue is great for use as a planter around the home and garden. Whether you are seeking to offer our animal statues as gifts or simply making this a statement for your home and garden, you will love the lovely finishes we offer for these statues.


Sitting Bear Figurines

Bear Wall Bracket

Bronze Mother and baby Bear Sculpture

Bear Statue


Little Bear,

$89.95 #55313 

Bear Wall Bracket, $87.00 #413L   


Mother Bear Gives Her Fish - Bronze,$595.00 #5510


Bronze Bear Going Fishing,

$1,279.00 #55432


Mother Bear and Baby Bear Sculpture in Bronze

Bronze Fishing Bear Sculpture

Resin Bear Statues also includes this classic bear bird feeder for the garden. Can be also used as a decorative element for the home.

Upright Bronze Bear Sculpture with Baby Cub

Mother and her Baby Bears - Bronze,

$1,285.00 #55435B 

Bronze Fishing Bear Sculpture $2,540.00 #66400 

Bear Bird Feeder,

$95.00, #19216

Upright Bronze Bear Sculpture with Baby Cub, $2,450.00 #55312








Black Bear Decor includes a choice of black bear lamps and bear statues for the home and desk decor.

Black Bear Stepping Stone


Driftwood Look Bear Statue - Tabletop


Large Bear Planter


Black Bear Lamp,

$69.95 #55441 

Bear Stepping Stone,

$39.95 #1255

Driftwood Look Bear Statue - Tabletop, $39.95 #50051 

Large Bear Planter,

$99.95 #15270


















Our unique range of bear statues and bear figurines including our unique black bear figurines, pay tribute to this enchanting beast that scours our earth. All our bear statues are made of designer resin and come in several attractive poses like our handsome welcome bear statue and cowboy statue. We have also added a cute panda statue for those who are enchanted with this black and white patched bear. Our choice bear gifts and bear statues will add some wildlife interest to those seeking to add some black bear decor to their home or for those who are completely inspired with lodge decor pursuits. 

Our enchanting collection of fine animal statues and wildlife statues are unique and lovely in its finish. Each piece of our animal statues, whether in concrete or resin, are individually handcrafted and hand finished by our American artisans. is proud to display an exotic variety of animal statues and statuaries which will make your home and garden decorating so much fun! Whether you are seeking animal statues to fit in with your lawn or cute animal statuaries such as otters and lovebirds, our garden statuary are designed to please. Celebrate wildlife and the animal kingdom by discovering choice animal statues and sculptures that make an impression. 



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