Bird Statues:

Discover our fine catalog of bird statues and wildlife gifts including beautiful swan planter statues, crane statues, concrete seagull statues, dove statues and an exotic range of bird sculptures which will serve well for your landscaping projects and as wildlife gifts for friends and family. The statues offered here come in attractive finishes and are available in resin and concrete, where applicable. Our bird sculptures are exotic and designed to please - whether you are seeking wildlife bird statues such as pelicans and eagles, has the right animal statues which will please you.

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Celebrate the wildlife with our enigmatic range of bird statues and bird sculptures which include an attractive range of crane statues, seagull statues, dove statues, heron statues and various other wildlife statuary at Our choice of wildlife gifts are meant to inspire and create interest for your landscaping projects. 

Whether you are seeking to offer our bird statues as gifts or simply making this a statement for your home and garden, you will love the lovely finishes we offer for these statues. Select from a choice of resin or concrete. Please note that only delivery quality garden statuary - each piece is handcrafted and hand finished to reflect character and individualism. 


driftwood cranes set

Three Sparrows on a Branch

Garden Duck Statue

white swan statues, fiberglass resin swan statues, graceful swan statues

Driftwood Cranes Set,

$112.00 #28768NW

Set of 2 Brass Cranes,

$139.95 #15105

Three Sparrows on a Branch

$49.95 #30440SP

Garden Duck Statue,

$68.95, #95660D 

White Swan Statues,

$129.95, #15503  


Bird Statues

Life Size Crane Statues

Garden Duck Statues - Set of 2

Family of Swan Sculptures

Preening Cranes,

$152.95 #99020

Life Size Crane Statues, $1149.00 #16401CR

24"H Pelican Statue,

$109.95, #15316PL  Sale

Set of 2 Duck Statues,

$85.00, #95665D 

Family of Swan Sculptures, $175.00 #15323

Large Garden Owl

Blue Heron Garden Statues

Indoor Swan Statue

Bronze Dove Statues

Large Garden Owl,

$129.95 #12316G 

Regal Blue Heron in Aluminum, $194.50 #99019

18"H Pelican Statue,

$69.95 #15316 


Indoor Swan Statue,

$99.95, #2786

Bronze Doves,

$85.00 #19028


Other Pelicans

Other Herons

Swan Sculpture with Babies


Country Rooster Statue

Goose statues for the garden

Set of Brass Sparrow Figurines

Heron Statue on Base

Create a rooster home decor with our selections of large garden rooster statues and rooster figurines.

Swan Sculpture with Babies,

$147.00, #20905  


Country Rooster Statue,

$85.00, #15202 

Set of 2 Geese Statues,

$99.95 #2090

Brass Sparrows,

$49.95 #30394

Heron Statue with Base,

$95.00, #15609

Large Winterthur Rooster Statue, $225.00 #15559











Create a unique rooster home decor with our reading country rooster statue for the home and garden.


Set of 3 Sandpipers


Large Bronze Crane Sculpture



Large Rooster Sculpture

Large Pelican Wall Sculpture

Reading Rooster Statue,

$69.95, 5328


Sandpipers Sculpture,

$124.95 #33576


Cranes Amidst the Cattails, $1,495.00, #15106


Large Pelican Statue

$149.95 #16421A


Large Rooster Sculpture,

$265.00 #27865

Large Pelican Wall Sculpture, $99.95, #1765A 

  Other Cranes  

Bird Statues Directory:


Fiberglass Swan Statues Set of 2

Nautical Large Pelican Statue

Barn Owl Statues: Garden Snowy Owl Statue

Barn Owl Garden Statue

Resin Pelican Bird Feeder

Brass Pelican Figurine

Great Heron Garden Statue

Resin Duck Statues in Fiberglass Resin

Garden Brass Cranes Set

Bronze Finish Crane Garden Statues on Base

Large Country Rooster Garden Statue

Decorative Bird Key Safe and Key Holder

Large Brass Cranes Set

Nautical Pelican Statue

Garden Crane Spitters

Stone Dove Statue

Indoor Duck Statues Set

Large Winterthur Rooster Statue

Heron Statue with Base

Set of Cast Iron Fat Bird Statues

Large Flying American Eagle Statue on Marble Base

Flying Eagle Catching Fish Statue

Large American Eagle Statue

Indoor American Eagle Statue

Resin Peacock Bookends

Resin Seagull Statue

Cast Iron Garden Rooster Pheasant Statue

Set of Brass Crane Statues for Garden

Life Size Brass Medium Garden Crane Pair

Garden Aluminum Crane Statues Set

Garden Goose Statues, Goose Statuary

American Eagle Statue with Outstretched Wings

Concrete Rooster Statue

Resin Sitting Pelican Statue


Musical Fountains, Bird Fountain

Large American Eagle Statues: Bald Eagle Sculptures

American Eagle Statue on Marble Base

American Bald Eagle Statue

Large American Eagle Statue on Globe and Anchor

Resin Fighting Eagle Statues

American Eagle Statue Head on Base

Large American Eagle Statue

Brass Large Pelican Statue

Fiberglass Resin Pair of Duck Statues

Dove Statues: Decorative Dove Sculptures

Romantic Cranes Statue

Large Swan Planter Statue

Small Garden Swan Planter Statue

Rooster Decor: Rooster Statue with Female Chicken Statue

Large Heron Statue in Resin

Resin Pelican Garden Statue with Fish

Garden Crane Statues

Brass Heron Statue on Marble Base

Pair of Brass Crane Statue on Marble Base

Brass Crane Figurine on Marble Base

Large Brass Crane Statues

Standing Large Brass Crane Statue

Large Flying Crane Statues on Marble Base

Large Flying Crane Statues on Marble Base

Imperial Egret Statues on Marble Base

Imperial Egret Statues on Marble Base

Imperial Egret Statues on Marble Base

Red-tailed Hawk Sculpture on Base

Set of Cast Iron Love Birds

Indoor Sandpiper Statue and Sculpture



Concrete Sparrow Statue

Pelican Fountain Statue

Crane Statues: Great Blue Heron Statues and Brass Crane Sculptures

Crane Statues: Great Blue Heron Statues and Crane Garden Statues

Garden Goose Statues

Blue Heron Statues: Crane Statues

Preening Cranes Statues

Rooster Decor: Rooster Statue with Female Chicken Statue

Set of 2 Ceramic and Rooster Hen Statues

Cast Iron Garden Bird Family Statue

Resin Girl with Bird Statue

Finch Figurines on Garden Rock

Kissing Cardinals on Key Safe and Hider

Resin Sandpiper Statues Set

Large Sandpiper Statues Set

Large Kissing Doves Statue

Pair of Country Rooster Statues

Fat Bird Statue

Cast Stone Dove Pair Statue

Set of Garden Sandpiper Statues and Sculptures

Set of Brass Sandpiper Statues

Large Dove Statue

Pair of Lovebirds

Stone Duck Statue

Garden Resting Pelican Statue

Brass Pelican on Marble Base

Large Pelican on Bark Stump Statue

Garden Pelican with Open Wings Statue



Our enchanting range of bird statues and bird sculptures celebrates these gentle creatures which grace our lives. Each piece of our bird statues are individually handcrafted and reflect artisanship that is unparalleled. All our wildlife bird sculptures displayed here at are intended to set an illuminating theme for your home and garden; they also serve as beautiful wildlife gifts for friends and family. Each of our fine animal statues and wildlife statues are unique and lovely in its finish. Each piece of our animal statues, whether in concrete or resin, are individually handcrafted and hand finished by our American artisans. is proud to display an exotic variety of animal statues and statuaries which will make your home and garden decorating so much fun! Whether you are seeking animal statues to fit in with your lawn or cute animal statuaries such as otters and lovebirds, our garden statuary are designed to please and offer as inspiring wildlife gifts. Celebrate wildlife and the animal kingdom by discovering choice animal statues and sculptures that make an impression. Our bird statues include pelican statues, owl statues, dove statues, rooster statues, swan statues, heron statues, goose statues, sparrow statues, duck statues, lovebirds and eagle statues.   

Discover also beautiful resin swan planters which are handcrafted and hand finished to a finish of your choice - you can use these resin swan planters to display silk or real flowers for the home or garden.


Bird Statues, Bird Sculptures, Wildlife Gifts