Resin Cat Statues:

Discover our range of cat statues and garden cat sculptures including life size cat statues, large Egyptian cat statues and black cat statuary made of resin and cast stone. All our cat statues and cat sculptures are designed for use outdoors. We have featured a wide choice of cat statues and garden cat sculptures and even kitty cat figurines for your garden landscape - each of our cat statues are hand crafted to reflect a distinctive theme. We also offer several finishes for our cat statues, where applicable, to blend in with your garden landscape. Discover our lovable cat sculptures and cat figurines which embody a theme; whether it be the inquisitive cat planter or our charming Chef cat statues, these range of cat statues are bound to set an inspiring homage to the lawn and garden decor! See our

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cheeky cat bird feeder, standing cat birdfeeder, reaching cat bird feeder


Resin Garden Cat Statues

Discover our fine cat statues and cat sculptures for your home and garden. Your landscape design is never complete without one or two of our charming animal statues. In this catalog, we feature our lovely selections of kitten and garden cat sculptures which are bound to delight the cat lovers. For those who love the large cats or lions, visit our Lion Statues selections! Everyone knows cats are a delight, so what better way to honor your cats than to have some neat cat statues and cat sculptures around your lawn. All our cat statuary and kittens featured here are made of high quality cast stone which will withstand climatic changes. Each of our fine line of cat garden statues and cat figurines include a selection of cats in various poses and they come in lovely standard finishes offered at no extra cost!










 Cat Sculptures and Cat Statues

Mother Cat with Her Little Kitty

Garden Cat with Binoculars Statue


Crouching Cat Sitter,

$39.95 #12312

Mother Cat with Her Little Kitty, $87.00 #12314 

Mouse Up a Cat Sculpture $79.95 #15611

Garden Cat with Binoculars Cat, $119.95 #12313 


Licking Cat Statue

Peeping Cat Sculpture

Bronze Cat Sculpture

Cheeky Cat Bird Feeder


Licking Cat,

$109.45 #89103

Peeping Cat Sculpture,

$75.00 #18553PC

Bronze Siamese Cat,

$199.95 #12311BB 

Cheeky Cat Bird Feeder

$109.95 #12907BF


Cat Doorstop

large cat licking paw, large licking cat statues, paw licking cat sculpture

Resin Sleeping Cat Statue


Cat Doorstop,

$35.00, #3473

Kitty Cat,

$295.00 #19371

Large Licking Cat,

$144.95 #15610 

Resin Sleeping Cat,

$72.00 #89104



Cat Memorial Plaque

Fat Cat Doorstop

Little Cat Bird Feeder

Kitten Bookends



 Cat Memorial Plaque,

$39.95 #12267

Fat Cat Statue Doorstop,

$72.95 #21772DS 


Little Cat Bird Feeder

$69.95 #15603BF


Kitten Bookends,

$59.95 #15606





Cats and kittens are delightful innocent creatures which make our lives so purrfect! Our lovely range of cat garden statues and cat figurines pay tribute to these lovely pets. Most pet lovers will treasure the inspiring cat statues we have displayed here in such as our black cat statuary and large Egyptian cat statues. We even have antique Siamese cat figurines for the Siamese cat lovers. Each of these lovely cat figurines and cat statuary highlight cats and kittens in realistic forms; explore our fine cat statuary and figurines. All our cat sculptures and cat statues are designed for use in the garden. The garden ornaments that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge for us - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. The trickling of the fountains and the presence of the "earthly" gargoyles, the garden statues with all the greenery amidst them is what renders the garden a haven for us all. We carry many unique garden ornaments and gardeners supply. If you have any questions regarding our garden catalogs, email us at

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