Bulldog Statues:

Our delightful bulldog statues form part of our extensive dog statues catalog highlighting a selection of dog statues and sculptures crossing several breeds. Although they may seem intimidating, bulldogs are among the gentlest of dogs known for their affection and courage. Bulldogs have built and maintained close relationships with mankind and have become a household pet and loved by many bulldog lovers. Discover choice bulldog garden statues and dog sculptures suitable for the home at kaccents.com. Some bulldog statues are hand finished in a realistic look while others are available in several finishes to suit your decorative taste. We also offer resin bulldog statues from cast stone and concrete bulldog statues to large and tabletop bronze bulldog sculptures. Our bulldog statues make great decorative statements for the home as well as bulldogs to grace your front entrance. Please email us at csr@kaccents.com if you have any questions about our bulldog statues.

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Life Size Fawn Bulldog Statues


Bulldog Statues

Bulldogs have a special place in our hearts and there is no better way to celebrate them than to have this fine dog statues to commemorate them. Our resin bulldog statues and concrete bulldog sculptures celebrate the beauty of one of most popular pets in America. Our lovely bulldog friends have made delightful and enigmatic pets in many American homes.

Whether you are adding a bulldog accent in your home or decorating your garden with these beautiful bulldog garden statues or gifting a special friend or relative with a bulldog gift we have a large selection of bulldog statues to choose from.

We also offer bulldog bookends and bulldog pen holders that are excellent addition to the den or library and also makes a great graduation gift. We offer large bulldog statues that may used to represent your team mascot.

Many of our bulldog statues come in several finishes to suit your decorative accent.

For those who love life size bulldog statues, discover our beautiful life size fawn bulldog and life size white bulldog statues created with attention to intricate details for a realistic look.  












Large Bronze Bulldog Statue

Life Size Fawn Bulldog Statues

White Bulldog Statues

Bronze Bulldog

Large Bronze Bulldog, $399.95 #12172BB

Concrete Bulldog,

$64.95 #19543

 Life Size Fawn Bulldog, $499.00 #12548

Life Size White Bulldog, $499.00 #12547Sale!

Bronze Bulldog,

$175.00 #12067

Boy with Dog Statue

Bronze Bulldog Statue and Sculpture

Lying White Bulldog Statue

Fawn Bulldog Figurine

Pete's Dog

$110.00 #30361

Bronze Butch Bulldog, $199.95, #80126

 Lying WhiteBulldog,

$84.00 #4916

Fawn Bulldog,

$84.00 #12549 Sale!

Small Bulldog,

$59.95, #65328


Ceramic Bulldog Statue

Bulldog Bookends

Sitting Brindle Bulldog Figurine

Sitting White Bulldog Figurine

Bronze Sitting Bulldog

Bulldog (Ceramic), $59.95 #19223

Bulldog Bookends, $78.00 #828BD

Sitting Brindle Bulldog Figurine, $84.00 #2301

Sitting White Bulldog Figurine, $84.00 #15122

Bronze Sitting Bulldog, $185.00 #6132BD


Sitting Bulldog Bookends

Fawn Bulldog Bookends

Bulldog Desk Ornament

Fawn Bulldog Pup Statue

Lying Fawn Bulldog


Sitting Bulldog Bookends,

$59.95 #14527

Fawn Bulldog Bookends,

$132.90, #14001BD

Bulldog Desk Ornament,

$55.00, #12616

Fawn Bulldog Pup

$169.95 #12540F Sale!

Lying Fawn Bulldog,

$84.00 #100452



Small Fawn Bulldog Figurine

White Pissing Bulldog Figurine

Bulldog Pen Holder

Fawn Bulldog Figurine

Old White Bulldog Statue


Fawn Bulldog Figurine

$52.00 #83495

White Pissing Bulldog Figurine $75.00 #14002

Bulldog Pen Holder,

$49.95 #713

Fawn Bulldog Figurine - Old, $75.00 #9110

Old White Bulldog,

$75.00 #4908






Small Bulldog Door Wedge

Bulldog on Bases Bookends

White Bulldog Puppy Statue




Small Bulldog Door Wedge, $35.00 #3308

Bulldog on Bases Bookends, $57.00 #14011

White Bulldog Pup

$149.95 #12540  SOLD OUT!










Our dog statues catalog features cocker spaniel statues, Labrador statues including yellow Labrador statues and Chocolate Labrador Statues, Boxer Statues, Bulldogs, Dachshund statues, poodle statues, Dalmatian statues, Rottweiler Statues and more. Whether you are looking for cocker spaniels or bull dogs, our lovely dog gifts and dog sculptures are meant to enchant! Dogs have a special meaning in our lives and it is not hard to understand why they are manís best friend. Loyal, kind and trusting, dogs have been historically celebrated in all cultures dating as far back as prehistoric times. They are thought to be the first domesticated animal known to mankind. The Persians held a special meaning for the dogs and dogs were sometimes buried with their dead. The boxers are known to be staunch working dogs, muscular and even tempered, they proved to be allies as they worked well with humans. Pointers were used in gaming activities and so were the cocker spaniels! If you are looking for statues of cocker spaniel puppies as gifts, consider item 19533 Ė this lovely statue has been crafted by American artisans and offer several outstanding finishes to fit in with your home and garden decor. Kaccents.com is also a proud dealer of Sandicast dog statues which imbibe so much depth and realism.

Visit our garden catalogs and decorate your home and garden with our lovely selections of garden and dog statues and garden sculpture. The garden ornaments that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge for us - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. The trickling of the fountains and the presence of the "earthly" gargoyles together with our lovely dog statues will be sure to infuse your garden with the personality that you love.  Maybe, not all of us may like outdoor decorations such as garden gnomes or stone gargoyles, but we can still vary the soul of our gardens with innocent eyed cherubs, the beautiful sculptures and statuaries such as the Thinker by Rodin (Rodin sculpture), artful lasses who are birdfeeders - the variety we can get out of garden statuary is endless. Celebrate your dogs with our fine dog statues like our cocker spaniel puppies and life size greyhound statues. Our dog garden statues and lovable dog sculptures will also make fine indoor dog gifts for anyone! Or consider our little garden ornaments like our rabbit statues and garden frogs which can also add that nature and garden thrill. Infuse your garden and landscaping projects with garden art - a wholesome and graceful science of making your landscaping for the home and garden, a treasured one. 


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