Dog Statues:

One of the better known military and police dogs, German Shepherds are also widely used to guide the blind and the old. Here, our dog statues catalog highlights large to life size German Shepherd statues, Irish Setter figurines and sculptures as well as tabletop Rottweiler figurines. German Shepherds, also known as Alsatians, are also working dogs and thought to be a recognized breed. Our catalog highlights a range of tabletop German Shepherds like the White German Shepherd figurines to garden sculptures of German Shepherds for those looking to highlight these dogs outdoors. Also featured are our Irish Setter sculptures and statues, known for their distinctive red coat and regal personality.

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Dog Statues and Statuary:


Our fine dog statues catalog highlights life size to large dog statues and gifts. This page serves to highlight large German Shepherd statues and sculptures including tabletop figurines of these dogs also known as Alsatians. Alongside, we feature adorable sculptures of the Irish Setters and tabletop Rottweiler figurines for the desk. Rottweilers or popularly known as the "Rotties" are fierce dogs which are intensely directed towards their master or owners. While their countenance may cause one to fret because of their size and strength, Rottweilers are perfect as police and obedience dogs and when properly trained, are quick to respond to instructions as they come. Whether you are seeking to offer our dog statues as dog gifts for a special occasion or simply making this a statement for your home, you will love the look and color of marvelous sculptures



<IMG SRC="6131A.jpg" alt="Life Size German Shepherd Statues">

Large German Shepherd

Sitting German Shepherd

<IMG SRC="6133A.jpg" alt="Dog Statues">

<IMG SRC="19518A.jpg" alt="German Shepherd Statues">

Life Size German Shepherd, $529.95 #6131 Large German Shepherd, $175.00 #6131GS   Sitting German Shepherd, $144.90 #6125 German Shepherd, $75.00 #6133 German Shepherd, $75.00 #19518   Sale!
Sitting Rottweiler, $99.95 #19500   Rottweiler, $78.00 #19353   Playful Rottweiler, $75.00 #19508   Black Doberman Pinscher,  $75.00, #6129  Sitting German Shepherd, $75.00 #19509
Bronze Doberman Statue Irish Setter - Standing Sitting Irish Setter Sculpture Irish Setter with Basket Statue
Bronze Doberman Statue, $1,495.00 #6198  Irish Setter - Standing,  $79.95 #2202   Irish Setter - Sitting,  $75.00 #6917IS   Irish Setter with Basket  $125.00 #4422IR    

Whether you are looking for cocker spaniels, Dobermans or the enigmatic Rottweilers, our garden dog statues including our unique range of Doberman gifts and dog statues such as the regal German Shepherds are deserving additions for your garden. Dogs have a special meaning in our lives and it is not hard to understand why they are manís best friend. Loyal, kind and trusting, dogs have been historically celebrated in all cultures dating as far back as prehistoric times. They are thought to be the first domesticated animal known to mankind. Our delightful dog statues include several lovable breed dogs. For those who love cocker spaniels and bulldogs, has highlighted some lovely dog breed statues and figurines for the garden which will also make great decorative statements for the home as well. Our concrete dog garden statues and statuary are great for the outside and use as memorial statues and sculptures Ė for the resin dog statues, we do recommend that you cover these dog statues in winter to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Please email us at if you have any questions on our dog statues and dog gifts.


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