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Discover a choice of German Short haired Pointer statues including tabletop pointer statues and sculptures made of resin and bronze, and boxer statues like our little garden boxer figurine shown in a concrete like finish. Distinctively carved and hand finished, our dog garden statues make winning statements for the home or as gifts for a friend or family. Discover also a variety of choice dog garden statues with lovely finishes available for selected resin and concrete dog statues. Pointers for instance, are affectionate and friendly dogs, preferring to remain indoor with the family and are extremely sociable with other animals like cats as well. Boxers are tough, muscular dogs, believed to originate from Germany. While they make loyal family dogs and are noted to be highly active and reliable, boxers can be distrustful of strangers. Please email us if you have any questions on our dog statues.

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Our German Short haired pointers come with a lot of character and style featuring good looking Pointer figurines and sculptures that make a neat idea for the desk or shelf of the pointer lover. One of the easy going dog breeds known to man, German Short Haired pointers may be large enough to be noticed, but they are loving, family dogs even taking easily to a cat or another dog breed as a friend. Boxers are tough. They are muscular and distinctive looking dogs always looking for play time and are known to be fiercely loyal to their owners. Here, our catalog features a select number of boxer statues and figurines for the home and garden. Whether you are seeking our German shorthaired pointer statues or our realistic boxer statues, our dog statues will surely make warm gift ideas for friends and family.

Dogs have a special place in our hearts and there is no better way to celebrate them than to have some fine dog statues to commemorate them. For those who love life size dog statues, discover our beautiful greyhound statues and pointer dog statues.


Sitting Boxer Statue

 Concrete Life Size German Pointer Statue

Lying Down German Shorthaired Pointer

Sitting German Shorthaired Pointer

Resin Boxer Statue

Sitting Boxer Statue, $85.00 #2897  

Concrete Life Size German Pointer, $799.00 #19535

Lying Down German Shorthaired Pointer, $75.00 #28973   Sitting German Shorthaired Pointer, $75.00 #28974   Resin Boxer Statue, $162.90, #28976 . Sale!
Brass Boxer Figurine Hound Gargoyle Digging Dog Statue
Brass Boxer Figurine, $75.00 #100114 Boxer Statue, $75.00, #28972  Sale! Sitting Fawn Boxer Statue, $75.00,#28975 Sale! Hound Gargoyle, $139.90 #19542 Digging Dog, $75.00 #31526 
Bronze German Pointer

Bronze German Pointer, $650.00 #19257  


Whether you are looking for boxer statues, cocker spaniels, greyhounds, German pointers or bulldogs, our lovely dog and greyhound gifts are meant to enchant! Dogs have a special meaning in our lives and it is not hard to understand why they are manís best friend. Loyal, kind and trusting, dogs have been historically celebrated in all cultures dating as far back as prehistoric times. They are thought to be the first domesticated animal known to mankind. The boxers are known to be staunch working dogs, muscular and even tempered, they proved to be allies as they worked well with humans. Pointers were used in gaming activities and are thought to be astute hunting dogs.



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