Downspout Diverters:

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Downspouters need not be boring solutions for covering the ugly drainpipes. In fact, they can be interesting and eye catching. Our downspout diverters include decorative down spout diverters and extenders which use animal themes to add some whimsical charm to the garden. They are vibrant and functional with much attention paid to quality and craftsmanship. Why not use the downspouters to draw some of the awful water away from the foundation of your home or use them to cover the ugly drainpipe with a look that is more fun filled and charming.



 Frog Downspout

Kitty Cat Downspout Diverter

Garden Turtle Downspouter

Old Shoe Downspouter


Frog Downspout, $62.95 #30400   Kitty Cat Downspout Diverter, $49.95 #30401 Garden Turtle Downspouter $49.95 #30402 Old Shoe Downspouter $44.00 #30403

Our garden gifts are not without form nor function. Our range of decorative downspouters include unique animal downspout diverters and whimsical drainpipe extenders to draw the water away from the foundation of the home such as the popular frog downspout extenders and the turtle downspouters. Some cultures consider the use of the frog and turtle as good luck symbols and the use of these animals on many garden items around the home just comes from a believe that having them means more luck to the home owner.


Downspouts for the Garden