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powerfully detailed asian dragon statue with orb, bronze oriental dragon statueMystical Chinese Dragon Statue

Our Chinese dragon statue is created with powerful detail right down to the fiery creature's bold possession of its orb which it clutches possessively in its claws. The statue is created through the lost wax process and comes in a beautiful bronze finish. Sculpture made of bronze.

Dimensions: 12"H x 13"W

Product ID: 30765

Price: $495.00

Sale Price: $394.95

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Our beautiful dragon sculptures and statues are the creations of mankind. Whether they existed or not, these legendary fearsome creatures were admired and at most times, feared by men. Our range of dragon statues present some fearful and even funny renditions of manís imaginative mind in creating some of the most gruesome creatures.

Dragons are wondrous mythical creatures that are thought to have lived thousands of years ago. The meaning of the dragons have found themselves in many of the scriptures and bibles of the many religions that currently reside in this world. Whether these creatures existed or otherwise, dragons have crept into virtually all fairytales and legends created by mankind and been used as a ward against the evil eye and for protection. has portrayed beautiful dragon statues which are a representation of some of the myths that exists in medieval Europe - these exotic dragon sculptures and statues are remarkable - they come in excellent finishes and are made of quality resin for use in the home and garden. Our dragon sculptures also include fine pieces of the Scottish Loch ness serpent, also lovingly known as Nessie. Whatever your choices be, we hope that our selection of dragon statues and sculptures will be an enchanting addition to your home and garden.