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Duck with Lantern

A familiar farm animal valued for their feathers, meat and eggs, ducks are perhaps one of the more precocious and friendly birds on the farm. They have a penchant for venturing and waddling, amusing everyone with their lively disposition and loud quacks. Our range of duck statues and figurines including our adorable matching duck sculptures set and even baby duck figurines will surely add a whimsical addition to the home and garden. Created with detail and beautifully hand finished, our ducks including the domesticated mallard ducks, will add a unique addition to the home seeking an appeal of the country or a retreat from the humdrum of busy city life.



Two Brass Ducks Sculpture

Garden Duck Statues - Set of 2

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Garden Duck Statue

Two Brass Ducks Sculpture $165.00, #15104B    

Set of 2 Duck Statues, $85.00, #95665D  

Curious Duck Statue,

$89.95, #90557


Finishes available!

Garden Duck Statue, $68.95, #95660D  

Flying Ducks Sculpture, $150.00 #1862  

Duck with Lantern

concrete duck statue, cast stone duck statues

Set of Baby Duck Sculptures



Duckie Duck with Lantern,

$99.95 #1866

Concrete Duck Statue,

$69.95, #90555

Finishes available!

Set of 4 Baby Ducks,

$108.00 #1863 













Part of our impressive bird collection, our catalog selections also highlights the adorable ducks as a choice for your home and garden decorating. Many of us cannot forget the notable amusement that ducks can bring with their rather purposeful waddling and creative quacks, often providing much insight and inspiration for cartoonists and young children books. Ducks also provide a delightful theme for many organizations who take a creative view on the use of the duck designs for their logos. Our duck statues catalog highlights family duck sculptures and adorable baby duck figurines for the home or garden. We even feature beautiful mallard duck sculptures for the home. All hand finished and hand crafted for a personal touch. No doubt, these unforgettable birds add humor and visual fun for much of the decor in the home and garden.


Duck Statues, Sculptures and Gifts