Elephant Statues and Elephant Gifts:

Discover fine elephant gifts with our range of elephant statues and hippo lawn statues including distinctive designer resin elephant and brass elephant figurines. Our range of elephant statues are great for use in the home and garden and epitomize some of the detailed characteristics of these gentle creatures. Known to be friendly and highly intelligent, elephants have been known to bring luck and good fortune. Many seek elephant statues that come with upturned trunks as the believe is that such elephants bestow blessings and luck to the receiver. Our elephant statues also includes delightful elephant sculptures that highlight loving mother elephants with their babies. Our hippo statues are new additions to our catalog.

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Bronze African Elephant Statue

Elephant Statues and Elephant Gifts

Celebrate the wildlife with our enigmatic range of animal statues and elephant figurines at kaccents.com. Our choice of wildlife gifts are meant to inspire and create interest. Explore our distinctive elephant statues and hippo lawn statues for your garden landscaping projects. Our range of elephant statues and elephant figurines include elephant statues that come with upturned trunks to symbolize good fortune.

Our range of elephant figurines and elephant gifts also include fun shaped planters which will sound an attractive feature of the wildlife for the home and garden.







Elephant Gifts and Statues

Bronze Dancing Elephant

Elephant Statue with Trunk Facing Up


Happy Elephants,

$72.95, #33991


Bronze Dancing Elephant, $1,025.00 #3399


Playful Elephants on Base,

$932.00 #33998 

Elephant With Trunk Showing Up, $69.95 #33992  


Elephant Family Gifts stylized mother and baby elephants Bronze African Elephant Statue  

Devoted Father Elephant, $89.95, #95091


Stylized Mother and Baby Elephant, $114.95 #153171ELE 

Bronze Elephant Statue, $279.00, #33995   

Bronze African Elephant Statue, $669.00 #18554     
Large Bronze Family of Elephants Large Bronze Elephant Candleholder Bronze Elephant Candle Holder Bronze Baby Elephant Sculpture  
Large Bronze Family of Elephants, $995.00 #33990BE

Large Bronze Elephant Candleholder, $375.00 #33514

Bronze Elephant Candle Holder, $214.95 #13633


Bronze Baby Elephant Statue, $440.00 #1658




Elephants are gentle giants and are known to be highly intelligent creatures. In the East, elephants hold a mystic and religious connotation in the cultural aspects of the Asian world. In Thailand, these gentle giants are used as part of the agricultural pursuits or as royal ascots for the Thai king. In India, the elephants are celebrated for strength and nobility, also oftentimes celebrated with royalty. The Hindu culture celebrates Ganesha, the elephant God, who is thought to bestow prosperity, good fortune and the removal of obstacles to all who worship him. Elephant statues whose trunks are upfront will bestow good fortune to their owners. Our selected choices of elephant statues and elephant figurines are destined to create interest and good fortune and we hope you will enjoy them. Kaccents.com will be introducing more hippo lawn statues and elephant statues for the home and garden. We have also introduced a hippo on base collectible which will serve well as birthday gift ideas or simply a wildlife gift for any special day.

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Elephant Statues, Elephant Figurines and Gifts