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Our choice bird fountains includes this unique musical fountain for the home and office. Crafted of designer grade resin, our country bird fountain will make a delightful gift idea or musical presentation to the bird enthusiast. Bird fountain features two bluebirds perched with beautiful hand painted pansies and resin florals, water is designed to run from the tap shown in picture.

Our choice in musical fountains includes trhis delightful bird fountain which will set an old country appeal to the home and office. Bird fountain comes with its own pump and is beautifully hand painted for the old time country look.

Bird Fountain with Music

If you are seeking musical fountains that set a country appeal to the home and office, then consider our bird fountain which is shown here in a delightful hand painted finish. Crafted of resin, our bird fountain comes with its pump and installation instructions.

Approximate Dimensions: 6"H x 7"W

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The natural soothing sound of running water is known to have a calming effect on the mind and spirit. An indoor desktop water fountain including our unique musical table fountain is an easy and aesthetic way to bring a sense of serenity into your home or garden. Create a tranquil oasis away from the worries of the world!


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