Frog Statues: Garden Frog Sculptures, Frog Gifts

Discover fine frog statues and frog figurines. Frogs are often associated with good fortune and prosperity, sometimes imbued with magical powers. Frogs are also known to bring friendship and symbolize fertility. Like the Chinese, the Romans too considered frogs as sacred and symbolic creatures to be revered. The Romans treated the frogs as symbols of good fortune for the home. Some Australian Aborigines and Native American tribes considered the frogs as ushers of the rain as they have been strongly treated with the concept of fertility and abundance. Our cute frog statues collection is bound to add a delight to your home and garden. They make also fine frog gifts - our frog fountains are a great way of adding luck and wealth to your office and den. Discover fine frog gifts and frog sculptures including desktop frog fountains for your home and garden. Our frog statues and frog figurines are crafted of either designer fiberglass resin, cast iron or cast stone and cement. We also offer several finishes for all our frog sculptures and gifts where applicable to suit your garden needs. See Gargoyle Statues Pig Statues Angels & Cherubs Cat Statues Dog Statues Lion Statues Rabbits

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Bronze Fishing Frog Sculpture

Frog Statue, Garden Frog Sculptures and Frog Gifts

Decorate your garden with our delightful frog statues and frog figurines which make fine frog gifts or even as a great accent to your garden landscape. Some of our frog statues also translate as unique frog key holders. Each piece is handcrafted and hand finished by skilled artisans. 

For those who are looking for lucky charms, what better way than to add frog statues and sculptures which offer you some garden luck.

Email us if you have any questions on our inviting frog gifts and frog sculptures.











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Garden Frog Sitting on Rock,

$64.95,  #15255  

Dancing Frog Spitter,

$318.00 #16773D

Frogs Totem,

$72.95 #32054

Jumping Frogs,

$59.95, #15231


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Bronze Fishing Frog Sculpture

Bronze Reading Frog

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Romantic Frog Couple,

$92.95 #1861  

Bronze Fishing Frog Sculpture $675.00, #30408


Bronze Reading Frog Sculpture $599.95, #12893BB

Large Frog Prince,

$118.95, #18500


frog musician playing banjo, musician frog statue, metal frog statue, metal garden frog statue, metal musician frog statue

The Frog Musician Playing Trumpet is an innovative design using oval shapes throughout the statue. With his bow tie and banjo our frog musician is ready to please you with his music. A beautiful garden sculpture the frog musician with trumpet is handcrafted in metal and skillfully hand finished. He comes complete with his webbed hands and feet and sitting on a lily.

Welcome Frog Statue

Resin Frog Birdfeeder


Frog Musician Playing Banjo,

$82.95, #18502

Frog Musician Playing Banjo,

$82.95, #18503

Welcome Frog,

$99.95, #30389

Frog Birdfeeder,

$109.95, #2341







Unique Frog Key Safe

Large Frog Bird Feeder

Happy Frog Bird Feeder

Whimsical Frog Stand


Colorful Frog Key Safe, $42.95 #15605

Large Frog Bird Feeder, $225.00 #18557

Happy Frog Bird Feeder, $144.95 #12791

Whimsical Frog Stand, $85.00 #50022FF













Visit our garden catalogs and discover intriguing frog statues and frog sculptures which make fine family gifts for the home and garden, lizard statues, and garden statuary such as our handsome turtle statues and frog statues available in both resin and concrete. Discover unique frog lawn statues and turtle statues made available in various attractive finishes to fit in with both your home and garden landscape. We even have inviting frog fountains for use in the home and office and unique frog figurines which translates as cute safe key holders.

The garden ornaments that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. The trickling of the fountains and the presence of the "earthly" gargoyles together with garden statues like our frog art garden statues and small frog figurines is what renders the garden a haven for us all.  Garden ornaments like our garden rabbits statuary, dogs and garden frogs are bound to add to the nature and garden thrill. We do offer specific concrete animal statues but please note that concrete is heavy and extra shipping is involved. However, we offer high quality for our animal statues including our frog statues and frog sculptures, most are made in the US and those which come in concrete are created artistically to offer an aging and antique look.


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Garden Frog Statues, Frog Figurines and Frog Gifts