Decorative Door Stops:

Our decorative doorstops and antique cast iron doorstops include delightful animal door stops and door wedges such with the wolf, turtle, cat, dog and bear themes. Each decorative doorstop is artistically hand finished. The result is quality doorstops that make an impression while serving a function. Doorstops need not be boring and can include neat themes that communicate an interest from the home dweller. Our doorstops make inviting gift ideas for friends and family or if you are looking for a small doorstop, then our door wedges may be a suggestion.  Also visit our Garden Catalog for lovely selections of garden ornaments, statues and accents.  See more Door Stops.

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Pushing Rabbit Door Stop



Discover a fine range of decorative door stops including antique cast iron doorstops and uniquely designer pineapple door stops at

Our latest additions include some lovely decorative door stops which set an impressionable theme around the home. Email us if you have any questions on our decorative door stops.




Cast Iron Cat Door Stop

Baby Bunny Doorstop

Pineapple Door Stop

Decorative Cast Iron Fleur de Lis Door Stop

Pushing Rabbit Door Stop

Cast Door Stop,

$49.95 #3867 


Baby Bunny Doorstop,

$35.00 #1350

Pineapple Door Stop,

$99.95 #1903 


Fleur de Lis Door Stop,

$47.00 #1264 

Pushing Rabbit Door Stop, $59.95 #1257RD 


Cat Doorstop

Rooster Door Stop

Curly the Pig Door Stop

Frog Door Wedge

Frog Door Stop

Cat Doorstop,

$35.00, #3473

Rooster Door Stop,

$72.00 #H152P 

Curly the Pig Door Stop, $39.95 #10075

King Frog Door Wedge, $35.00, #13511

Happy Frog Door Wedge, $35.00 #10078F 

Wolf Door Wedge

Turtle Door Wedge


Pig Door Stop


Black and White Cat Door Stop

Wolf Door Wedge,

$38.00 #16122

Turtle Door Wedge,

$35.00 #1865T 


Pig Door Stop,

$35.00 #10037P 

Black and White Cat Door Stop, $59.95 #1033

Scottie Doorstop in Cast Iron, $46.95 #19030SD


Scottish Terriers

Fleur de Lis Door Wedge


Bulldog Door Stop


Flying Pig Door Stop


Bear Door Stop


Labrador Door Wedge and Gift

Sitting Bunny Door Wedge

Fleur de Lis Door Wedge, $35.00 #30419 


Bulldog Door Wedge,

$35.00 #3308


Flying Pig Door Stop,

$69.95 #18581P 


Grizzly Bear Door Wedge, $35.00, #55438


Lab Door Wedge,

$35.00 #19080A

Sitting Bunny Door Wedge, $35.00 #1355












Boat Door Stop


Mouse Door Wedge


Cast Iron Bulldog Door Wedge


Horse Door Stop

Farm Cow Door Stop

Rooster and Hen Door Stop, $39.95 #1256


Nautical Door Stopper,

$48.00 #13498


Mouse Door Wedge,

$35.00 #1258 


Bulldog Door Wedge,

$35.00 #10076 


Horse Door Stop,

$72.95 #3312 

Farm Cow Door Stop,

$72.95 #23081 










Rooster Door Stop - Cast Iron


Standing Rabbit Door Stop


Sutton the Pig Doorstop


Paris the Cat Door Stop


Colorful Rooster Door Stop

Bird Door Wedge

Rooster Door Stop - Cast Iron,

$72.95 #1353 


Standing Rabbit Door Stop,

$39.95 #12607 


Sutton the Pig Doorstop,

$72.95 #1092 


Paris the Cat Door Stop,

$72.00 #1091 


Colorful Rooster Door Stop,

$72.95 #19036R 

Bird Door Wedge,

$35.00 #1354 













Doorstops need not be plain - our range of decorative door stops are designed to serve a practical function and yet add a subtle beauty to your home decor. Our doorstops include antique cast iron door stops as well as brass and wood door wedges that are unusual and unique. Each decorative door stop is hand finished and hand painted where appropriate. has also selected animal door stops to reflect closeness to nature as most of our pioneer Americans were - each piece of door stop will surely make a great gift idea or be simply used as a decorative effect around the home.


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