Children Statues:

Children statues add a lot of drama and innocence to the garden. If you are seeking child garden statues, then our delightful children statues will send a warm inspirational innocence to your garden landscape. Discover a wide range of children garden statues and children statues including resin girl garden statues, bird girl statues and fountain boy statues including our enchanting boy statues and bronze statues. We have included some life size statuary of children and even mother and child statues which will make a glorious addition to the lawn and home. See our new Garden Statues catalog for other fine garden statue selections. Free shipping applies on selected children statues.

New Children Statues Catalog

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Our enchanting range of children garden statues will send a beautiful and innocence addition to your garden landscape. No garden is incomplete without garden statues and each of our child statues including our beautiful range of boy statues and girl statues captivates some of the innocence of our children, the pride and joy of this country. Our bronze statues of children and resin children statues are designed for outdoor use. Discover our beautiful range of children statues at including lovely bronze children statues and resin girl garden statues seated at the bench. We even have a beautiful bird girl statue seen in close rapport with the geese. is also looking to bring beautiful child garden statues in the next few weeks, please bookmark us and check our site often.










 Boy with Dog Statue, Pete with Dog and Sailboat

Bronze Mother and Child sculpture

Bronze Statue of a Mother with her Children

Ballerina Figurine


Pete's Dog,

$124.00 #30361

Bronze Mother and Child, $199.95 #30461

Bronze Being with Mother Statue, $850.00 #30331

Ballerina Girl,

$59.95 #499

Mother with Her Baby Statue

garden girl with frog


Mother with Her Baby Statue, $119.95 #30792

Bonnie Lass with Frog,

$97.00 #30798 

Girl Reading Statue,

$164.95 #30569

Boy Reading Statue,

$164.95 #30655


Reading Boy Statues

girl reading in the garden, garden girl reading, reading girl statues

Bunny Boy Statue

Umbrella Children Statue

Young Reading Boy,

$168.00 #21545

Reading Girl Statue,

$162.95 #21543  

Bunny Boy Statue,

$55.00 #30340

Sharing an Umbrella $3,150.00 #1342




Bronze Mother Kissing Child

Garden Girl Fountain Spitter

Our girl statues are full of character and add a great deal of drama to the garden like this beautiful girl statue shown here against the force of the wind. She is replete with emotions and is created with a great deal of care and love.

Boy with Goose Statue



Bronze Mother Kissing Child, $875.00 #30336

Garden Girl Fountain Spitter, $174.00 #19029

Beautiful Bonnie Lass,

$265.00 #45978

Boy and His Friendly Goose, $125.00 #498G 






Little Boy Angels are made in heaven as are little girl angels. Shown here in a custom finish and handcrafted of designer grade resin, our boy angel statue will make a sweet addition to the garden landscape.

Child Angel Statues includes this beautiful girl angel statue for the home and garden.


Bronze Reading Boy Sculpture


Boy Angel Statue,

$59.95 #17500

20"H Child Angel Statue, $74.95  #15321A 


 Enjoying a Quiet Read, $5,190.00 #30794






Our choice of sleeping angels includes our Sleeping Angel Baby Statues

Large Bronze Reading Children Statue


Sleeping Angel Baby,

$78.00, #15793



Boy Flying Kite with Puppy, $119.95 #30791

Limited Stock!

Girl with Bird,

$99.95 #45013

Bronze Boy and Girl Reading Statue $5,960.00 #30797





Our delightful garden statues add a touch of romance and whimsical addition to your garden landscape. They add a story to your garden landscape. All our garden statues have been handcrafted and hand finished by skilled artisans to reflect character and skilled workmanship. While we have chosen to introduce a varying number of garden statues, our children statues catalog aims to please customers who seek to add young statues of children to their garden. All our children statues are wonderful additions to your garden and add a realistic theme. Our bird girl statue highlights a young girl close to nature as she seeks repose with lovely geese. For those who love girl garden statues, discover our choices in reading girl statues and children seated on benches. And our boy statues add a wonder to nature - highlighting varying poses and themes, our boy statues also highlights the cute and childlike innocence as depicted by the little boy peeing fountains and statues, available in both concrete and resin. Our Beautiful Girl statue is an absolute beauty - handcrafted and hand finished with a color of your choice, this distinguishing girl statue will make a treasured piece. Our child garden statues and boy and girl statuary will inspire the home and garden. 



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