Garden Lion Statues:

Garden statues and lawn statues will always make good landscaping ideas - they have always had a place in the gardens of the European world as planters have had a place in the hanging gardens of Babylon.  Discover our fine line of lion statues including exclusive cement lion statues, fiberglass lion statues and carved lion statues. We have brought the choicest collection of garden statuary here, all hand carved and painted by artisans who enjoy the meaning of garden art.  We also feature the famous patience and fortitude lions which are a reproduction of the lions at New York Public Library.

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Your landscape design is never complete without one or two cherubs statues and even gargoyle statues. is proud to introduce distinguished lion statues for your home and garden!

Discover our exclusive line of lion statues - we offer them in cement and high quality fiber glass resin. All our carved lion statues reflect hand painted finishes and will make wonderful additions to your landscaping projects for the garden.

The New York Public Library Lions (#1347) for instance, have been created under license with the library and are just the kind of garden lion statues that will fit royally within the garden decor. Our lion crest statues are popular sellers as well and can be used at door entrances and decks.  


Left and Right Lion Statues

Concrete Female Lion Statue

Large Lion Statue

Life Size Cheetah Statue

Left and Right Lion Statues Set, $425.00 #15651    

Concrete Female Lion, $139.95, #19560    

Large Lion Statue, $389.95, #15537     Life Size Cheetah Statue, $1,955.00, #16220L     Stalking Tiger Statue, $2,950.00 #15524      
Pair of Roman Lions Crouching White Tiger Statue Bronze Lions with Paws on Ball Left and Right Bronze Lions Large Lion Statue
Pair of Roman Lions, $12,500.00 #15540     White Tiger Statue II, $99.95, #16342A  Bronze Lions with Paws on Ball, $850.00 #15534 Left and Right Bronze Lions, $3,955.00 #51782   Monumental Grand Estate Lion Statue I, $1,680.00, #16005  
Cat Sculpture based on a Big Cat Sitting Garden Lion Statue Life Size Cougar Statue and Sculpture   Large Lion Medallion
Kool Cat, $98.00, #2339 Sitting Lion Protector, $225.00 #2321     Life Size Cougar, $650.00 $599.95 #16220CG    Bronze Guardian Lion Statue, $4590.00 #2319 Fiberglass Resin     Large Lion Medallion, $625.00, #36787
  Pair of Outdoor Lion Statues Lion Statues and Lion Gifts Large Bronze Cougar Sculpture Griffin or Winged Lion Statue Garden Fiberglass Lion Statue with Shield
    Pair of Lion Statues, $116.00 #31640     Lion and Cub Statue, $60.00 #15535 Large Bronze Cougar, $2,500.00 #1347     Griffin, $98.00 #2320 Guardian Lion with Crest Shield, $189.95 #2318

Garden statuary complement the background of the topiary that you set for your lawn and garden. Visit our garden catalogs and decorate your home and garden with our lovely selections of garden statues including famous lion statues and garden sculpture. The garden ornaments that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge for us - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. The trickling of the fountains, the royal presence of distinctive full size lion statues and the presence of the "earthly" gargoyles, the garden statues with all the greenery amidst them is what renders the garden a haven for us all.  Maybe, not all of us may like outdoor decorations such as garden gnomes or stone gargoyles, but we can still vary the soul of our gardens with innocent eyed cherubs, the beautiful sculptures such as the Thinker by Rodin (Rodin sculpture), artful lasses who are birdfeeders - the variety we can get out of garden statuary is endless. We know gargoyle statues make good watchers for the garden for they traditionally have been known to look after the inhabitants of the home. Others look at its presence as a unique form of garden art. But if you feel that they are the least preferred for your landscaping design and garden design projects, little garden ornaments like our lion statues, garden rabbits, dogs and garden frogs can add that nature and garden thrill. floral garden plaques which have been handsomely crafted by our artisans. Infuse your garden and landscaping projects with garden art - a wholesome and graceful science of making your landscaping for the home and garden, a treasured one.

Also visit our windchimes catalog and add soothing moments to your home and garden. Relax with these beautiful and handcrafted windchimes. We carry many unique garden ornaments and gardeners supply. If you have any questions regarding our garden catalogs, email us at





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