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Visit our Dog Statues Catalog for great sales on our dogs!Just discover our Fawn Bulldog Statues and a wide range of other beautiful dog statues that add interest and joy to teh home an dgarden. All our dog statues and dog gifts are carefully chosen and are created with much pride and distinction. Our Sandicast dog statues for instance captures the realistic appeal of the many breed dogs that surround us such as the Great Danes, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and much much more. Visit our dog statues for an inspirational peek into our fine range of dog statuary. Dog Memorial Gifts


Life Size Fawn Bulldog, $449.00 #12548 Sale! Our dog statues and cat statues catalog feature outstanding Sandicast sculptures and garden statues at great prices.


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Concrete Planters and Cement Planters

Discover concrete planters and cast stone planters. Architectural planters that blend well into your gardening projects.





Frank Lloyd Wright Statues including the popular Midway Garden Sprites

Midway Gardens™ Sprite with Pedestal, #2794  Sale!

Discover garden sprites created under license by the Frank Lloyd Wright Fountain.

Visit our Garden Sprites Catalog. 

Grand Sale on Wright Statues!






Our choice of sleeping angels includes our Sleeping Angel Baby Statues and other fine angel sculptures for the home and garden. Our choice includes praying angels, child angel statues, guardian angels and selected angel statues available in concrete.

Visit our Angel Statues Catalog for beautiful angel sculptures and angel figurines for the home and garden.  Our sleeping angel baby statue is our latest addition and is an inspiring addition to the garden.


We accept major credit cards.


However you may also fax your order to (802) 419-4845.

Print copy of Fax Order form here.



Visit Our Garden Statues Catalog for Fine Garden Sculptures.  

See Our Customer Testimonials

padOutdoor Garden Fountains, Garden Wall Fountains, Raku Fountains, Zen Fountains









Our outdoor garden fountains include decorative garden fountains and water features even fountain spitter statues.

Garden Fountains





Visit our Planters catalog for quality planters and flower pots for your home and gardening needs including metal planters, garden urns, bowl planters, large planters, tree planters, concrete planter pots and more.



garden planters, large planters, garden pots, concrete planters, metal planters, window boxes, wall planters, animal planters

Flower Pots and Planters Large Planters


Indoor Water Fountains, Tabletop Fountains, Small Desktop Fountains







Discover our  water fountains catalog for smaller  outdoor garden water fountains and indoor fountains...some of these are portable and are just the tabletop fountains you could use around the home and office....

Indoor Water Fountains

Outdoor Plant Stands









Outdoor Plant Stands offer an appealing decor while functional in displaying your plants.

Outdoor Plant Stands




Garden statuary fountains add a unique perspective to the garden by creating a interesting appeal.  Our garden statuary fountain not only includes decorative Pond Spitter statues but fountain statuary with an attitude such as our sporting turtle statue and Frog Spitters for some light hearted fun!

Garden Statuary Fountains


Our garden statues catalog features Child Garden Statues, Roman and Greek Statues, Wolf Statues, Dog Statues, Cat Statues, Turtle Statues, Frog Statues, Frank Lloyd Wright Sprites and Statues, Angel Statues, Animal Statues, Bird Statues, Eagle Statues, Religious Statues, Catholic Statues and much more.


Discover garden statues and animal statues including lion statues, dog statues, cat statues, angel statues, animal statues, gnome statues and more.

Garden Statues Catalogs

Our religious statues catalog is replete with saint statues, holy family sculptures both large and small, statues of Mary, Jesus, pieta statues and Saint Michael the archangel.

Shop our Religious Statues catalogs for Jesus statues, Mary statues, Saint Joseph statues, Saint Fiacre statues, Nativity Statues, unique and hard to find religious statues and more.

Religious Statues


Our armillary spheres includes garden armillary sundials and decorative armillary spheres; visit for our reproduction of the Greenwich Armillary.

We offer matching Armillary Stands for an impressive look for the garden, sunroom, conservatory or foyer.


Whether you are seeking a simple garden armillary or the history Greenwich Armillary that was once created by Virginia Metalcrafters, our Armillary Spheres offers a choice that will even touch on a decorative effect for the home interiors. The Dragon Armillary sets a stage for an oriental look that is enchanting and enthralling with its dragon figurine and curvaceous bands and elaborate gnomon.



Our range of garden sundials include the Fleur de Lis Sundial, decorative sundials like the frog sundials and historical sundials and armillaries like our Greenwich Armillary and Sundial. Visit for sundial stands and pedestals.







Discover garden sundials and decorative sundials like our frog sundial, gargoyle sundial and Fleur de Lis sundials for the garden; add history to the garden with the cast iron Williamsburg Collier sundial reproduction.


columns and pedestals, cast stone columns, cast stone pedestals, resin pedestals fiberglass resin columns, decorative columns, decor pedestals

Architectural columns and pedestals enhances the look of your home and garden by providing architectural decor.

Columns and Pedestals


Create a lovely effect for the garden with the use of decorative wall plaques especially through the use of wrought iron metal plaques and decor as well as the able combination of garden wall plaques like green man plaques and sun face wall plaques. Our range of garden plaques also includes select concrete wall decor plaques.




Sun Wall Plaques and outdoor garden wall plaques create a warm and welcoming garden decor.  Discover our Sun Plaques.

Sun Plaques


Discover aluminum and cast iron bird feeders, cast iron and aluminum birdbaths.  These reproduction birdbaths and birdfeeders take the form of antique birdbath while others are aged stone and resin birdbaths.


Our bird bath catalog features a wide range of fiberglass resin birdbaths, cast iron bird baths and a host of bird baths that are made up of aluminum and cast iron. Also discover a wide range of unique bird feeders and decorative bird feeders that translate for use as statues or as decorative bird feeders for the garden.





Our bird bath catalog features a wide range of fiberglass resin birdbaths, cast iron bird baths and a host of bird baths that are made up of aluminum and cast iron. Also discover a wide range of unique bird feeders and decorative bird feeders that translate for use as statues or as decorative bird feeders for the garden.

Bird Baths, Birdfeeders

Our range of life size statues and sculptures captures the unique range of ancient Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses including life size Venus de Milo statues, other forms of statues of Venus, statues of David, famous sculptures like the Rodin reproductions including The Thinker statue and even a life statue of The Statue of Liberty.


Welcome signs and plaques are friendly way of introducing a guest to the warmth of the dwelling within. Select from a wide range of welcome signs.

Welcome Plaques and Signs



Arbors help to divide your garden into specific niches.  Browse our Garden Pavilions, Arbors and Trellis for unique and delightful European designs for an interesting garden decor perspective.

Arbors and Trellises



Our beautiful wrought iron arbors and trellises gracefully divide your garden into niches and allow for the growth of your luscious climbing and trailing plants - the appropriate use of plants on these delightful garden structures will create stunning focal points that will be admired.









Discover marine life and marine creatures including Dolphin statues and unique dolphin gifts that intrigue and amaze.  Shop for many other unique marine creatures such as Sea Marlin, Octopus and more.

Dolphin Statues


Discover beautiful garden finials including garden orbs and spheres that will set a considerable amount of energy and drama to your garden landscape.  Garden Finials can decorate and enhance a boring post or create a focal point in your garden.  Discover our fine collection of garden finials.

Garden Finials


garden finials, garden orbs, spheres, acorn finials, pineapple finials



Discover Garden Decor with our decorative door stops  and door wedges.

Door Stops and Door Wedges



Garden Decor and Lawn Decorations

Gardening Catalogs


Our whimsical animal planters include decorative animal planters such as resin swan planters, frog planters, turtle planters and other animal planters that add an interest and decorative effect to the garden landscape. Just as much as these animal planters are used outdoors, they can also be used to add color and whimsical fun to your indoor gardening projects. Our range of animal planters add serenity and simplicity to the garden. See Our Animal Planters


Our garden planters and flower pots create interest and inspire gardening projects. Our planter pots can be used as an inspiring contribution to your garden design and landscape. We feature large architectural pots and commercial planters for shopping complexes and hotels.

Large Tuscan Urn Planters and Garden Urns






Cast Iron Tuscan Urn Large with Finishes, $329.00 #4458

These large Tuscan Urns which are made of solid cast iron, are designed for all weather conditions and can be used in parks and garden projects. Each Tuscan urn comes with a hand applied antique distressed finish as shown in picture.

Whether you are seeking concrete dog statues or dog figurines, our range of dog gifts include wide selections of dog statues and dog sculptures to please everyone from dog planters, dog desk accessories, angel dog figurines to dog wall hook sot much more. Visit our dog statues catalog for these choices.

Dog with Basket, $157.00 #19536 Free Shipping!


Visit Our Dog Statues Catalog for a line of dogs including cocker spaniels, Greyhounds, Labradors, poodles, Dalmatians and more! 

Acorn Boot Brush, concrete acorn bootbrush


Acorn Boot Brush                                          

Our selection of decorative boot brushes and boot scrapers offer attractive and interesting designs with practical functionality.  Leave the dirt outdoors with these animal, autumn, gargoyle, cat and dog themed boot brushes and boot scrapers.  Unique and appealing to create some excitement at your doorstep or any environment. Visit our Boot Brushes and Boot Scrapers collection.



Our cat statues catalog are replete with unique cat figurines, cat gifts and ideas, large cat sculptures including bronze cat statues, garden cat statues and even angel cat figurines. We even feature unique cat gifts for the desk decor that will please the cat lover.

Bronze Siamese Cat, $129.95 #12311BB  


See Our Cat Statues

The art of garden design is a magic in itself and leaves much to be desired for it requires one to position the garden and landscape design in a manner that evokes the elements of mystery, surprise  and depth.  Our garden accessories will complement any house and garden very nicely.

Fiberglass Resin Raku Fountain,

$289.95, #1679 Free Shipping!


Our Raku fountains create a soothing sensation for home and garden use. Discover also unique  Indoor Water Fountains and Desktop Water Fountains. Explore fresh landscaping ideas and gardening ideas - create water gardens with resin outdoor wall fountains or tabletop fountains or bring these fountains outdoors.


Fiberglass Resin Raku Fountain with Free Shipping

Garden Creativity:

Be creative with your flower pots and garden planters - just a few containers of plants can present many architectural forms - using different shapes, sizes and materials can be combined to create good effects in your flower garden design and indoor gardening areas! Our plant stands are designed to be pretty and practical. Why not plant cabbages or combine them with marigolds and nasturtiums to give a unique garden look? Create a pretty flower garden using just plants stands as well as garden pots and window boxes - with a good landscaping design sense, both outdoor and indoor gardening can be an enjoyable and relaxing process! We have numerous gardening landscaping solutions in boosting your garden design - visit our garden catalogs to explore fine choices in garden sculptures and garden statuary as well as fine garden accents and decor.

Introducing the Greens with Indoor Gardening


Gardening can be such a divine activity - while enhancing the soul, doing the right landscape designs helps attracts birds and butterflies to your lovely garden. These lovely creatures will add so much depth and joy to your gardening landscaping haven. Provide a suitable landscape design background that would suitably house these feathered friends - blend every bird feeder, birdbath and birdhouse against the scenic background and welcome these little friends with open arms. With that, research the flowers available that would keep your bird friends coming back for more - some instances include Blue Sage, Butterfly flower, Cape Honeysuckle, Egyptian Star Clusters, French Mulberry, Giant Hummingbird's Mint to name a few... Hummingbirds for instance, are very attracted to the crossvine also know as the trumpet flower.  Discover our fine selections in bird baths and bird feeders.


Welcome the magic to your garden with our fine selections of fairy statues and unique fairy sculptures.

Visit our Fairy Statues Catalog.


Sunflower Garden Stake and Trellis

Spruce up with some decorative garden stakes

including unique flower garden stakes and other

garden decor accents. Decorative Garden Stakes Catalog



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Garden Statues Selections:

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Dog Statues Selections:

Afghan Hound Statues Airedale Terrier Statues Apricot Mastiff Statues Bassett Hound Statues Beagle Statue Bichon Frise Bloodhound Boston Terrier Boxers Bulldogs Cairne Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Chesapeake Bay Terrier Chihuahua Cocker Spaniels Collie Dachshund Dalmatians Doberman German Shepherd Statues German Shorthair Pointer Golden Retriever Great Dane Greyhound Statues Husky Jack Russell Terrier Chocolate, Yellow and Black Labrador Statues Maltese Pit Bull Terriers Poodle Statuary Pugs Rat Terrier Rottweilers Russian Wolfhound Saint Bernard Schnauzers Scottie Shetland Sheepdogs Shih Tzu Shiba Inu Soft Coated Wheated Terrier West Highland White Terrier Yorkshire Terrier    

Visit our garden catalogs for fresh landscaping design ideas and garden decor accents including a fine line of angel statues, lion statues, garden lanterns including unique Japanese lanterns and Japanese pagodas, religious statues and other fine garden sculptures. Explore our gardening tips and suggestions for landscaping ideas, garden planters and plant stands, garden ornaments, garden arbors and garden trellises, bird feeders and birdbaths, sundials, containers and multi tiered planters for your garden and house plants as well as garden statues, indoor water fountains including tabletop fountains and exclusive outdoor garden fountains, garden accessories and garden decor to enhance your gardening landscaping projects. Gardening can be a fulfilling project and finding ways to maintain plant care and garden design can highlight your personality and sense of achievement with what you do. We hope that you will find our garden catalogs fun and refreshing. We aim to provide garden decor and landscaping ideas which will make a difference to your total landscaping look for the home and garden. Our products reflect great workmanship and artistry. Write to us if you need further information on our garden statues and garden catalogs. Also discover garden accents such as bird feeders and bird baths that add a decorative sense to the garden.

Did you know that using the many flower pots and garden planters available can sculpt a great garden design? Read Elaine's article on container planting:

Creating Garden Design with Container Planting

Container Gardening with the Perfect Planter


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