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From time immemorial, gargoyles have played a significant role in European literature and culture. We have displayed some intriguing gargoyle statues, both in resin and cast stone, for your interest. Gargoyles can be placed in homes and gardens - most people tend to decorate their gardens with gargoyle sculptures and statues to create landscaping and whimsical interest. These intriguing creatures mentioned so often in folklores, have been used to protect dwellers and ward away evil spirits. As frightening as they may seem, gargoyles actually served a purpose - people used them to guard their property, person and babies. Gargoyle creatures were also widely used in churches in the Middle Ages to protect against evil spirits.

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Cast Stone Gryphon


Your landscape design is never complete without one or two cherubs statues and even gargoyle statues. Gargoyle statues are mythical creatures with occasionally having a combination of animal and human body parts.Overthe centuries, gargoyle statues have created a wide interest in many gardeners - they create an exciting addition to the garden and also serve a purpose in protecting the home owner.

While these creatures can be somewhat frightening to the lay person who does not understand their meaning, gargoyles are a fun addition to have!


Reclining Garden Gargoyle

Gargoyle Wall Mount Bracket, gargoyle bracket, gargoyle wall mounting

 Cast Stone Gryphon

Turin Gargoyle Statues, garden gargoyles, resin gargoyles


Reclining Garden Gargoyle, $84.95, #19608 

Gargoyle Wall Mount,

$75.00 #19351

Cast Stone Gryphon,

$275.00 #81106

Garden Gargoyle - Set of 2,

$139.95 #12544


Large Igor Gargoyle Statue

Resin Gargoyle Statuary

Resin Gargoyle Statuary


Winged Gargoyle,

$75.00 #2315


Large Igor Gargoyle,

$96.95, #19606 

Friendly Gargoyle,

$79.95 #150 

Friendly Gargoyle II

$79.95 #167 



Gargoyle Shelf Sitter

Gargoyle Figurine and Ornament

Gargoyle Shelf Sitter,

$49.95 #11221 

Small Igor Gargoyle,

$69.95 #19607 

Mini Igor Gargoyles Set of 2,

$72.00, #19112 

Gargoyle Ornament

$48.00, #19520 




We have brought a wide range of gargoyles to While most of us may feel somewhat fearful about these gothic creatures, gargoyles originally began as down spouts to direct rainwater away from the masonry of medieval cathedrals. Even despite their deliberate grotesque features, gargoyles have a special place in churches and cathedrals around the world especially in Europe where their history first began. They were used to ward off evil from the cathedral. We have featured some medieval Notre Dame gargoyles - these lifelike gargoyles were first constructed in  Notre Dame de Paris in the 12th century for the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. When the cathedral fell to decay, a master craftsman, Viollet-le-Duc was engaged to restore it to its former glory and that include restoring all the gargoyle statues to its incredible medieval form. The gargoyles of Notre Dame are fearful guardians of the Cathedral and are conjured by the most  fertile of minds Ė they feature a combination of  inhuman form, part man, part birds. They are seen as fearsome crouching creatures, ready to pounce at the next available opportunity. Our range of gargoyle statues presents some fearful and even funny renditions of manís imaginative mind in creating some of the most gruesome creatures. Each piece is a replica of the original and intended to bring a watchful eye to your home and garden. We hope you find a special place for these lovely gargoyles!


Visit our garden catalogs and decorate your home and garden with our lovely selections of garden statues and garden sculpture. The garden ornaments that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge for us - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. The trickling of the fountains and the presence of the quot;earthly" gargoyles, the garden statues with all the greenery amidst them is what renders the garden a haven for us all.  Maybe, not all of us may like outdoor decorations such as garden gnomes or stone gargoyles, but we can still vary the soul of our gardens with innocent eyed cherubs, the beautiful sculptures such as the Thinker by Rodin (Rodin sculpture), artful lasses who are birdfeeders - the variety we can get out of garden statuary is endless. We know gargoyle statues make good watchers for the garden for they traditionally have been known to look after the inhabitants of the home. Others look at its presence as a unique form of garden art. But if you feel that they are the least preferred for your landscaping design and garden design projects, little garden ornaments like our garden rabbits, dogs and garden frogs can add that nature and garden thrill. floral garden plaques which have been handsomely crafted by our artisans. Infuse your garden and landscaping projects with garden art - a wholesome and graceful science of making your landscaping for the home and garden, a treasured one.

Our lovely gargoyle statuary and lawn statues are available in both resin and high quality cast stone. These lovely selections are American crafted and are based on European originals.  If you have any questions regarding our fascinating gothic gargoyle statues, email us at


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