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Heron statues and sculptures imbibe a coastal element to the garden landscape and also add a sentimental value because of their loyalty to their mates



Herons are large coastal birds and like the cranes, they are seen as having long legs and necks. Many of us love the enchanting heron and are probably mystified about the elusive Great Blue Heron, thought to be one of the most prevalent and largest heron birds. Sometimes known as egrets, herons can be noted alongside ocean side and inland ponds. However, they are private birds and do not like to be intruded upon. The Celts have an interest in the herons and these birds are seen as a symbol of continuity and are used in much of the Irish wedding bands and jewelry. Sometimes, the bands show a heron or two intertwined and always signaling the ribbon of eternity, since the heron is seen as bringing the babies much like the stork is seen in European literature as bringing babies into a new home. Our range of heron statues including resin and large brass heron sculptures as well as garden resin heron statues. We also feature unique heron plaques and tabletop heron figurines and gifts.


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Garden Heron Couple Statues, Brass Heron Sculptures, Large Heron statues, Outdoor Heron statues

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Heron Statue on Driftwood, $129.95, #21523  


Large Heron Couple Sculptures on Base, $315.95, #30124  

Brass Garden Heron Couple Statues, $479.95 #21528 


Brass Heron Couple on Marble Base, $149.95 #21524 



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Aluminum Herons Garden Wall Plaque, $139.95 #21529 

Brass Heron Wall Plaque, $169.95 #21530 

Double Heron Wall Plaque -Brass, $169.95 #21531 

Wetlands Heron Pair -Brass, $169.95 #21532 




Like the cranes, the herons are one of the popular coastal birds, known to be socially mobile and migratory. There are many heron species known to man and egrets are known to be part of the heron family although they are considered to be smaller. Many cultures recognize the herons. Their tall and graceful length and long legs make them one of the popular birds known around. The Egyptians have referenced a bird called the Bennu which is said to be based on the gray heron while other cultures like the African cultures sees the heron as bearing a communion with the Heavens. Some associate them close to shamanism since the heron bird maintains independence and hence, is known to be a bird that fosters strength and individual power.   


Heron Statues, Sculptures and Gifts