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Our large to life size heron sculptures and statues mystify with the beauty and grace of these beautiful birds which have stirred much of the literature across the world. The Native Indians for instance view the herons as a symbol of wisdom, a bird that possesses good judgment with its curious and determined nature. The blue heron for instance is seen as a lucky bird because to see one before the hunt, would mean that the hunt would be good. Many of us love the enchanting heron and are probably mystified about the elusive Great Blue Heron, thought to be one of the most prevalent and largest heron birds. Sometimes known as egrets, herons can be noted alongside ocean side and inland ponds. However, they are private birds and do not like to be intruded upon. Our range of bronze heron statues including large to life size heron sculptures and statues which add character to the foyer or hallway of a hotel, as a sculpture that can adorn the front entrances of a large house or commercial property, and will certain set a wonderful perspective to all those who hold this bird in awe.


Estate Preening Heron Statues Pair at Poolside, Large Heron statues for luxury homes, Garden Heron Sculptures, Romantic Heron Couple Statues


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  Life Size Bronze Heron Sculpture  

Bronze Heron sculpture on Cattail Base, outdoor heron statues, bronze heron sculptures


Estate Preening Heron Statues Pair at Poolside, $2,195.00 #21533 


Walking Heron on Log,

$1,315.00, #21535  


Life Size Bronze Heron Sculpture II, $3,595.00 #30430


Large Bronze Heron Sculptures on Cattail Base, $12,590.00, #21525  



Herons are popular coastal wading birds next to cranes sometimes making their visibility felt along the oceans and even inland ponds. Like the cranes, they too maintain symbolic value in many cultures also taking a very special meaning on the Celtic wedding bands. Hence, it isn't surprising why people offer the heron statues and figurines as gifts for a wedding or anniversary. Their tall regal posture and definitive character makes them very colorful and enchanting birds, a beautiful sight for the American coastal regions. The Chinese consider the herons a symbol of purity and long life while the ancient Egyptians considered the heron a symbol of light and good fortune. Native Americans looked upon the herons as curious birds which garnered much wisdom and knowledge and seeing a heron before a hunting expedition signaled a good hunt ahead.


Heron Statues, Sculptures and Gifts