Large Planters:

Our range of large fiberglass and concrete landscape planters make your landscaping design projects so much fun. These large planters are individually hand crafted by Italian and American artisans to give it the character and quality it deserves. Create refreshing designs and approaches with our choice of these landscape planters and stone planters which are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Each of our aged stone pots and concrete landscape planters have been developed through our unique process and may have cracks, chips, dirt, voids and rust which contribute to the realistic look of the aging process. Every piece should be considered unique as the imperfections add beauty to this handmade and hand crafted product. Our large planters are great for use as planting pots for trees and will also serve well as deck planters. They are designed to withstand winter and summer weather and will add a resounding flavor to any home and garden. 


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Large Planters

Our range of large concrete planters have been designed with a unique process that allows it to be artificially aged and look like an antique. These landscape pots are ideal for use as tree planters and will be great for use in your business establishments.

These large fiberglass planters are excellent for use as commercial planter pots or for use at the home if you are looking for very large designer and landscape planters which hold in the summer and winter. All our large planters are designed to be pretty and practical - our large commercial planter pots are great for use indoors and outdoors given the many standard finishes made available. These large planters are very sturdy solutions and are made of high quality fiberglass.  










23"D Rolled Rim Pot, $479.95 #15125

Finishes available!

Large Rolled Rim Planter, $1089.00 #165011

Finishes available!

Very Large Rolled Rim Planter, $1,882.00, #162151

Finishes available!

Huge Rolled Rim Planter, $2,150.00 #162161

Finishes available!

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Rolled Rim Pot Copper, $416.00, #F60047C

Rolled Rim Pot Antique, $434.00, #F60047A

Garland Rolled Rim Copper, $424.00, #F60062

Garland Rolled Rim Antique, $446.00, #F60063


<IMG SRC="16219.jpg" alt="Concrete Bowl Planters"> Large Cast Iron urn with Lion Head Design     

40"D Ribbed Garden Bowl, $678.00 #16219

Finishes available!

Cast Iron Lion Urn, $489.95 #60125 


Large Fluted Urn, $569.95, #12509 

Finishes available!

Concrete Planters bristol garden vase, large concrete planters large bristol garden vase, architectural pots, commercial planting pots  

30" Bristol Garden Vase, $396.50, #19650-1

Finishes available!

36" Bristol Garden Vase, $669.50, #19650-2

Finishes available!

42" Bristol Garden Vase, $1,339.00, #19650-3

Finishes available!

48" Bristol Garden Vase, $1,989.00, #19650-4

Finishes available!


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All our large fiberglass planters are hand crafted through an eight-step process of high-grade fiberglass resin, using the same technology as building a fiberglass boat. This makes these landscape planters lightweight and incredibly durable. Our large planting pots will not crack from cold or hot weather, as cheaper polyethylene urns do. The rusted finish shown on these pots is the result of actual iron flakes being put into the finish. No paint is ever applied. This gives a natural look that will weather in all climates. They are then sandblasted and washed with acid to speed up the oxidizing, giving the beautiful red-orange look. Each planter is designed to be slightly different in color.

Visit our home and garden catalog for fresh landscape design ideas and garden accents. If you are looking for large planting pots for trees and suitable landscape planters which offer finishes for blending into your overall garden landscape decor, then choose our lovely large planters for your projects. Explore our suggestions for landscape design ideas, containers and multi tiered plant stands for your garden plants as well as garden statues, concrete planters, concrete pots, fountains including tabletop fountains and outdoor fountains, garden accessories and garden decor to enhance your landscape for the garden. Our products originate from the Mediterranean, Europe and all across the world. They reflect great workmanship and artistry. Write to us at if you need further information.

These large planters are great for planting your trees. It is possible to create a pretty flower garden using just pots and containers - with a good landscaping design sense, both outdoor and indoor gardening can be an enjoyable and relaxing process! Try planting vegetables such as tomatoes in window boxes or even paisley - line these lovely window boxes alongside your rose garden - a sure win for your gardening and landscape design efforts! Shallow pots provide great planting ground for an artfully arranged herb garden such as thyme or paisley - you cannot go wrong using containers for your planting needs! Hanging containers or wall planters offer the gardener a great opportunity to combine form and structure with flowers and plants in many ways. There are many wall planters in the market but choose one that is sturdy and will hold your pots for the weight they take.

We also supply various lawn and garden ornaments, window boxes, talavera pots and containers, grotto fern, plant stands, garden urns, garden statues, fountains, garden accessories, concrete and cement planters, garden decor, garden sculpture, flower pots, garden stepping stones, garden planters, garden pots, and many more for your indoor gardening, garden design and landscaping needs!

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