Garden Lion Statues:

Our choice of lion statues and indoor and outdoor lion sculptures also include other big cat sculptures such as cougar statues and even leopard statues. Because of the nobility and grace of these wildlife animals, lion statues have been widely used to present fortitude, strength, power and authority. Our beautiful lion sculptures and lion statues come with distinction. These lion statues and sculptures are skillfully handcrafted and hand finished with attention to detail to bring out the character. Specific fiberglass lion statues come with finishes to contrast with your decorative needs. And if you are seeking fine lion gifts, our choices of small carved lion statues, bronze lion sculptures and unique lion gifts such as bookends may be a fine choice.  Also See Our: Gargoyle Statues Cat Statues Pig Statues Dog Statues


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Life Size Bronze Cougar

 Bronze Lion



Complement your garden landscape with our beautiful selections of lion garden statues and fiberglass lion statues. Our lion statues are with character and whether you are seeking these fine lion sculptures for the garden or for indoor use, these lion statues come in several looks and finish to complement your taste. Our selections of indoor lion statues are created specifically for your indoor home decorative needs. For instance, this catalog page offers a popular big cat statue known as the leopard which is handcrafted in detail and which is made for use in wide open spaces. Our choice in lion statues and lion sculptures are unique solutions to the home and garden decorative needs. Email us if you have any questions on these statues.













Pair of Roman Lions

Large Bronze Cougar Sculpture

Bronze Lion Figurine on Marble Base


Pair of Roman Lions, $12,500.00 #15540    

Bronze Stalking Lion,

$599.95 #17494


Life Size Bronze Cougar, $6,400.00 #1200      

Bronze Lion Figurine on Marble Base, $110.00, #2339   


Bronze Guardian Lion Statue Life Size Bronze Cougar Pair of Bronze Lion Sculptures - Monumental Bronze Lions with Paws on Ball  

Bronze Guardian Lion, $4,800.00 #2319


Life Size Bronze Cougar, $3,200.00 #16220B   

Pair of Bronze Lion Sculptures - Monumental, $23,335.00 #36786    

Bronze Lions with Paws on Ball, $850.00 #15534

Small Cougar Statue and Cougar Gifts    Lion Figurine Roaring Lion on marble base, bronze roaring lion on marble base, corporate awards, lion gifts, executive awards Cougar Figurine on Marble  

Bronze Cougar,

$2,350.00 #15067


Sleeping Lion on Base, $74.95 #84695


 Roaring Lion on Marble, $365.00, #15550


Cougar Figurine on Marble, $925.00 #1198




Whether you are seeking our choice of garden lion statues and sculptures or our fine selections for indoor lion sculptures and lion gifts, our lion statues catalog is replete with lions, cougars and pumas, leopards and other big cats that add a distinction. Many customers searching for cougar statues might be interested in our life size cougar statue for the home or garden. Cougars represent leadership and power and have been widely used in emblems and totems. Our small cougar statues make fine cougar gifts for the home. Be sure to also visit our large life size lion statues which create a distinction for entryways to the home or as statements for restaurant decor or shopping complexes.



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