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The image of Our Lady has received much interest all across the world as she continues to make her presence and love known. Seen in many forms, she has showed love and grace by her perpetual interest to bring us into her fold of love and care as she highlights the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our catalog of Mother Mary statues include beautiful versions of the many miraculous forms that she has been noted and seen in from the beautiful form of Our Lady of Guadalupe as she showed the way to Juan Diego calling for the building of a church in her name to the miracle of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in which our artists have created a beautiful life size statue of the Virgin Mary to celebrate the many miracles that were attributed to the ancient painting of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. From the Queen of Heaven to the Sacred Heart of Mary, from large and life size statues of Mary to small Mary figurines, our statues of Mary promises beautiful forms of the Virgin Mary to grace and bless the home and garden as well as the church.

Virgin Mary on Marble Base

Virgin Mary and Child

Sacred Heart of Mary

Life Size Virgin and Baby Jesus Statue

Blessed Virgin Mary Figurine

Virgin Mary on Marble Base, $548.00 #95778 24"H Virgin Mary and Child, $95.00 #2330  16" Sacred Heart of Mary, $115.00 #10780 Life Size Virgin and Baby Jesus Statue,  #16539IT Blessed Virgin Mary Figurine, $39.95 #19450
32"H Virgin Mary Statue Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus Close to Life Size Virgin Mary Sculpture
 32"H Mary $2200.00 #16321IT Mary, Our Lady of the Lily, $49.95 #95662 Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus $699.95 #16113  


12"H Madonna and Child Statue, $45.00 #16423 51"H Virgin Mary, #19688IT
Bronze Queen of Heaven Mary with Baby Jesus 63"H Virgin Mary with Child Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Marble Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Bronze Queen of Heaven, $8,575.00 #95673 Mary with Baby Jesus, $75.00 #95779 63"H Virgin Mary with Child, $4,330.00 #16322   19"H Our Lady of Guadalupe, $128.00 #95777  Mother Mary, $4,190.00 #19674M

Our inspiring catalog of Mary statues highlights the many beautiful forms of the Virgin Mary as she has been seen by some of her followers. From life size statues of the Virgin Mary for the garden to small statues of Mary for the home altar, our dedication to the beautiful mother of Jesus celebrates the beauty and grace of the many forms of Mary which have touched and inspired our lives. Email us if you need help with our selections of our statues of Mary catalog.

Virgin Mary Statues