Metal Urns:

Discover a wide range of innovative metal planters and cast aluminum garden urns at Create innovative landscaping designs with our choice metal planters including distinctive cast aluminum garden urns which will set a trend for the garden. With the many wrought iron and metal planters, window boxes and garden planters available in the market today, both outdoor and indoor gardening have taken more refreshing designs and approaches. Using the right garden urns, metal planters and flower pots have created many new exciting gardening and landscape design ideas  for the lawn and garden. Landscaping with our exclusive planters and garden urns can be fun and we have introduced several window planters and stylish window flower boxes for your planting and landscape needs. Be sure to visit our Planters catalog for great looking garden planters!

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  Metal Urns

Kaviik's Accents features a wide range of planters including beautiful hand finished metal planters and cast aluminum garden urns. Discover a wide range of outdoor garden urns and metal window boxes and country planters which create interest and depth for your landscaping projects. Our cast aluminum garden urns featured here are created to withstand the weather conditions here in the US and are individually hand finished. Our garden planters have been widely used in shopping complexes, hotels, commercial districts, parks etc.

If you are looking to place a number of different plants in one flower pot, purchase flower pots which have suitable sizes to accommodate this - for instance, you can place a layer of Italian parsley intermingled with the bare stalk of the eggplant to hide the latter and display its more attractive fruit while proudly highlighting the green of the paisley.. Email us if you need more help in our metal planters.



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Cast Iron Tuscan Urn

Large Cast Aluminum Urn, $475.00 #15351

12"H Cast Iron Tuscan Urn, $129.95, #15141


 Small Cast Iron Urn with Handles, $74.95, #15140 

Antique Brass Herb Planter, $99.95 #12772  


Decorative Metal Planters Set of 2

Decorative Metal Planters Set of 2

Cast Iron Cherub Garden Urn

Large Brass Planter

Tiered Basket Planters Wrought Iron, $179.95, #10069


Set of 2 Vineyard Metal Planters, $99.95, #15241   

 Cast Iron Cherub Urn, $269.95, #15219

Phased Out

Large Brass Planter,

$135.00, #12741  


Wrought Iron Wall Planter

embossed steel flower box, embossed window box, steel window box, garden window box, metal window box

Rectangular Aluminum Flower Box, $105.95 #W1084  

Wrought Iron Wall Planter, $82.00 #15353


Wrought Iron Fence Post Plant Holder, $142.00 for 2, #10067   

Rectangular Window Flower Box, $86.90 #W1083  






Did you know that using the many flower pots and containers available can do much in sculpting the look and feel of your garden? Read Elaine's articles for landscape design ideas on container planting:

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Introduce Indoor Gardening to your Home with uniquely styled plant stands and add tranquility and natural tones indoors! 

Introducing the Greens with Indoor Gardening



Introduce our Italian Garden Planters and Flower Pots to Your Home and Garden: 

Introducing Italian Garden Planters



Our garden planters and plant stands are designed to be pretty and practical. Our beautiful range of planters includes choice selections of metal planters and cast aluminum garden urns, fiberglass planters, cast stone and concrete flower pots and planters. It is possible to create a pretty flower garden using just flower pots and window boxes - with a good landscaping design sense, both outdoor and indoor gardening can be an enjoyable and relaxing process! Hanging containers or wall planters offer the gardener a great opportunity to combine form and structure with flowers and plants in many ways. Plants can salute your guests with a warm welcome and the multi colors can be a pleasant greeting to your guests as they make their entrance to your home.  And be creative with your flower pots and containers - just a few containers of plants can present many architectural forms - using our garden planters can be combined to create good effects in your flower garden and indoor gardening areas!

We also supply various lawn and garden ornaments, window boxes and metal planters, talavera pots and containers, grotto fern, plant stands, garden urns, garden statues, fountains, garden accessories, garden decor, garden sculpture, flower pots, garden stepping stones, garden planters, garden pots, and many more for your indoor gardening, garden design and landscaping needs!


Metal Urns, Cast Aluminum Garden Urns