Mother and Child Statues:

Mother and child statues and figurines are beautiful forms of statues that add not only add to a sweet theme for the home or garden but they also tell mom how much importance you place in the relationship. And our inspirational statues include a mother and child statues that make unique gifts for mom not only on Mother's Day but just about any day of the year from mother and child statues that include the theme of reading to unique animal statues which incorporate the theme of a mother and child.

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Bronze Statue of a Mother with her Children


If you are looking for gifts for mother, then maybe these unique statues might strike a chord of interest. Our catalog features a selection of mother and child statues including statue of mother reading to her children to unique representations of mother child statues using animals such as mother bears, elephants, tigers, lions from the grizzly mama bear holding her cub protectively to the stately lion guarding the playful lion cub. Email us if you need more help with our mother and child statues.



Bronze Large Mother Child Sculpture 

Bronze Mother Kissing Child

Bronze Statue of a Mother with her Children


Mother and Child Sculpture


Against the Wind,

$925.00 #30339

Bronze Mother Kissing Child, $875.00 #30336

Bronze Being with Mother Statue, $850.00 #30331

Bronze Mother and Child Sculpture $1,250.00 #55346

In Mother's Embrace, $89.95, #339   

Reading with Mother Figurine Bronze Mother and Child sculpture   Mother with Her Baby Statue Small Mother and Child Sculpture  

Playtime with Mom,

$239.95 #30338

Reading with Mother, $49.95, #497

Bronze Mother and Child, $199.95 #30461  


Mother with Her Baby Statue, $119.95 #30792

Small Mother and Child Sculpture $89.95 #55347

      Standing Mama Bear Statue with Cub         Mother and her Baby Sculpture  


Standing Bear with Cub, $99.95 #55447





Mother and her Baby, $5,575.00 #155 


Our mother has a special place in our hearts as the person who nurtured and grew us to where we are today. Sometimes, gifts communicate our special thought to our mother about how we feel for her and statues might be a nice addition for mom to include on her desk as she writes her daily journal or in the garden as she grows her beautiful flowers and herbs.


Mother and Child Statues