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Discover beautiful garden finials and garden ornaments at including a range of finials and ruin columns that will set a considerable amount of energy and drama to your garden landscape - no garden is complete without garden and lawn ornaments. Garden ornaments and garden accents can convey movement or stillness or add an element of surprise.  They can serve as a contrast to the landscape and even highlight a particular area within your garden in marked detail. Discover our fine choices of garden finials including acorn finials and other garden finial statues which are also great for your home decor projects. We also feature a select choice of Celtic garden ornaments for the home.

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Create a wondrous landscape with our range of lawn and garden ornaments including garden accents which come in several attractive finishes. Our choice of lawn ornaments includes beautiful creative garden finials based on European originals, each piece hand crafted and hand finished to perfection. We have also introduced beautiful Celtic cross ornaments which make a fine accent to the garden.

Garden ornaments and garden accents add a certain mystic to your lawn and serve as a decorative accent or as a means of creating a lively story about your garden. Whether you choose to use them as still accents or have them partially hidden within the greenery, our choice garden ornaments are bound to add a timeless beauty to your garden.

Please email us if you have any questions regarding our garden finials and choice of garden accents. 

Sphere Spiral Finial - Small

Sphere Spiral Finial - Large

Cast Stone Quaint Finial

 Sphere Spiral Finial - Small $75.00, #2345

Sphere Spiral Finial - Large $92.95, #2333L  

Cast Stone Quaint Finial, $86.00 #35613

Large Pineapple Garden Finial, $179.95 #35615

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Tall Copper Garden Finial

Our concrete garden ornaments also includes decorative garden accents like garden spheres.

Our concrete garden ornaments also includes decorative garden accents like garden spheres.

Large Pineapple Finial, $152.00 #37613

Tall Copper Garden Finial, $299.45, #44761

32" Concrete Garden Sphere with Base, $559.95, #28001

26" Concrete Garden Sphere with Base, $439.95, #35611

Set of Cast Stone Pineapple Finials

Sparrow Finial - Cast Iron

Bronze Racing Horse Head Finial

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Set of Cast Stone Pineapple Finials, $188.00, 14521 

Cast Iron Sparrow Finial, $36.00 #2332

Bronze Racing Horse Head Finial, $524.50 #129   

  Garden Obelisk, $599.00 #196002


















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Visit our garden catalogs and decorate your home and garden with our lovely selections of garden accents and garden sculptures. The garden ornaments and statuary that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge for us - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. With the wide variety of garden ornaments available at, our choice garden accents allows one to create an inspiring scenic garden landscape for the home and even the office. Choose a range of acorn finials, pineapple finials and a delightful range of Celtic ornaments and crosses for the garden.

The trickling of the fountains and the presence of the "earthly" gargoyles, the garden statues with all the greenery amidst them is what renders the garden a haven for us all.  Maybe, not all of us may like outdoor yard ornaments such as garden gnomes or stone gargoyles, but we can still vary the soul of our gardens with innocent eyed cherubs, the beautiful sculptures such as the Thinker by Rodin (Rodin sculpture), artful lasses who are birdfeeders - the variety we can get out of garden statuary is endless. We know gargoyle statues make good watchers for the garden for they traditionally have been known to look after the inhabitants of the home. Others look at its presence as a unique form of garden art. But if you feel that they are the least preferred for your landscaping design and garden design projects, little garden ornaments like our garden rabbits, dogs and garden frogs can add that nature and garden thrill. Infuse your garden and landscaping projects with garden art - a wholesome and graceful science of making your landscaping for the home and garden, a treasured one.


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