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great white pelican on wood pilings

Pelicans are one of the popular coastal birds which continue to add interest to both the home and the garden decor. Many find interest adding a garden pelican or two for the landscape, sometimes using these bird sculptures to frighten unwanted wanderers to the garden. Pelicans are large birds. In fact, they are one of the heaviest flying birds known to mankind with air pockets in the skeleton to lighten their bird. These large birds are generally characterized by a long beak and a gular pouch under their throat, and are often found near coastal and inland waters. The smallest pelican species known is the Brown Pelican which has a taste for anchovies as part of its diet. Our range of pelican statues include brass pelican figurines to resin pelican sculptures and garden pelican statues that not only add a coastal theme to the garden but imbibe us with the divine impressions they convey. For those who are Christians, the pelican carries a deep symbolism often associated with the passion of Christ and the Eucharist. And pelicans have also inspired much of the old poetry of yesteryears where their enormous sacrifice taken to protect their young, has been admired. Hence, it is no wonder they inspire much of European heraldry where it serves to take its place, always reminding one to be a caring parent. Our garden pelican statues make wonderful additions to the coastal garden and our penguin lantern statue surely adds a whimsical addition to the garden landscape, lighting up the path and showing one the way. If not for our penguin statues for the garden, indoor penguin figurines and gifts like our penguin wind chimes make wonderful additions.

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Large Pelican Statue

Pelican with Fish


Large Pelican Statue

$149.95 #16421A

Pelican with Fish,

$149.95 #19603

Resting Pelican,

$74.95 #19602 


Pelican with Open Wings,

$89.95 #19615 



brass pelican on posts, brass coastal pelicans, brass pelican statues

garden pelican with lantern, pelican with candleholders

mama pelican and baby pelicans, mommy pelican with baby pelicans, resin pelicans, resin pelican statues

large coastal pelican on pilings


Brass Pelican on Posts,

$149.95, #1859

Garden Pelican with Lantern,

$136.95, #17655

Mama Pelican and Baby Pelican, $98.00, #1869

Pelican on Pilings,

$99.95, #17651


Large Pelican Wall Sculpture


Resin Pelican Statue


great white pelican on wood pilings


resting pelican statue, coastal pelican statues, colored pelican statues


Large Pelican Wall Sculpture, $99.95, #1765A


18"H Pelican Statue,

$69.95 #15316 



Great White Pelican on Pilings, $149.95, #17654


Resting Pelican Statue,

$129.95 #14916










Bronze Life Size Pelican on Pedestal


Bronze Pelican Statue


Pelican Windchimes


Bronze Pelicans on Pole


Life Size Pelican on Pedestal, $15,000, #30320  


Bronze Pelican Statue,

$682.00 #30431



Pelican Windchimes,

$29.95 #25306 


Bronze Pelicans on Pole,

$850.00 #30413










    24"H Pelican Statue          

24"H Pelican Statue,

$109.95, #12315   








The pelican statue, a widely popular coastal bird has provided much of the theme setting for a home that loves and thrives on the look of the coastal decor. Together with the cranes, the pelican leaves an indelible impression as a central theme for a coastal look. Our range of pelican statues include beautiful hand carved sculptures of pelicans that can be used both indoors and outdoors. And we capture pelicans very gracefully like the pelican which appears to be taking a smooth landing highlighting wings outstretched to the ever popular representations of pelicans resting astutely on bark stumps. Because they imbue everything close to sea, pelican statues make popular gifts and suggestions for your coastal home and garden pursuits.


Pelican Statues, Sculptures and Gifts