Pig Statues:

Discover our unusual pig figurines and fine garden pig statues for the home and garden. Our enchanting pig gifts include pig statues and piglet statues with a variety of enchanting poses, all hand crafted and made in the US. We also have a neat life size pig statue which can be used in the garden. If you are looking for fine concrete and resin pig figurines or other animal statues, please visit our Garden Statues Catalog for more fine choices. Our fine collection of pig statues and pig figurines add a touch of whimsy and definitely, a look of the country. Write to us at csr@kaccents.com if you need more help with our pig figurines.


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Pig Statues

Our garden pigs are definitely great pig gifts. All our pig figurines and pig statues spark attention to the garden. In this catalog, we have featured some outstanding pig statues which will set a welcoming theme for your home and garden landscape. 

If you are looking for fine pig gifts, discover our line of enchanting pig statues at kaccents.com. Create a whimsical touch to your home and garden landscape with pig statues that are greatly appreciated! We even have a large life size pig statue for those who love to introduce these intriguing creatures to your garden landscape.











ornamental baby flying pig figurines, Spotted Baby Flying Pig

resin pig chef with chalkboard, chef pig with chalkboard

baby flying pig statue, cast iron baby pig, cast iron flying pig statue

bronze wild boar


Colored Baby Flying Pig,

$39.95, #30122

Pig Chef with Chalkboard, $144.95, #13128PC

Baby Flying Pig,

$36.00, #10234

Bronze Wild Boar,

$642.00 #10454WB


rusty the pig statue, large cast iron pig statues

Standing Piggy Bank

Flying Pig - Cast Iron

bronze wild boar sculpture, bronze wild boar statue, boar sculpture, standing boar statue, standing bronze boar, wild pig statue, pig gifts


Large Rusty The Pig,

$98.00,  #30126

Standing Piggy Bank,

$62.00, #19345P  

Flying Pig - Cast Iron,

$57.00, #53261

Bronze Wild Boar Sculpture, $2,295.00 #19343




Large Flying Pig

Cast Iron Pig Statue

Bronze Sleeping Pigs


Large Flying Pig,

$104.95, #5330

Cast Iron Pig II,

$59.95 #50023

Bronze Sleeping Piglets, $675.00 #3152


Cute Piggy Pig Statue $159.50 #34401


Bronze Wild Boar   Cast Iron Chef Pig Statue with Chalkboard          
Bronze Wild Boar, $665.00 #10454WB  SOLD OUT!  

Chef Pig Chalkboard Statue, $129.95 #31529


Our garden catalogs are rich with fine garden statues like our unique pig figurines and animals statues. We have also added life size pig statues in meeting the demand for large pig statues for the lawn and garden. We offer many outstanding finishes for our pig garden statues. All pig statues are handcrafted here in the US and will make creative pig gifts for friends and family. Also, please be sure to visit our garden catalogs and decorate your home and garden with our lovely selections of animal garden statues and lawn and garden statues. 

We do offer specific concrete animal statues but please note that concrete is heavy and extra shipping is involved. However, we offer high quality for our animal statues, they are made in the US and those which come in concrete are created artistically to offer an aging and antique look.

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Life Size Pig Figurines, Pig Gifts