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Our planters are designed to be pretty and practical. These planters are sturdy solutions to the outdoors and are made of high quality fiber-glass resin. All window boxes, containers, pots, planters and urns in this collection are hand crafted through an eight-step process of high-grade fiberglass resin, using the same technology as building a fiberglass boat. This makes the urns lightweight and incredibly durable. Pots will not crack from cold or hot weather, as cheaper polyethylene urns do. The rusted finish shown on these pots is the result of actual iron flakes being put into the finish. No paint is ever applied. This gives a natural look that will weather in all climates. Urns are sandblasted and washed with acid to speed up the oxidizing, giving the beautiful red-orange look. Each urn is designed to be slightly different in color.

These urns can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They will hold water, but do not have drain holes (unless specified when ordering). Urns can be drilled easily with any metal or wood drill bit. These urns are lightweight and can be moved easily, but are not so light that they will fall over when an arrangement is put into them.

Corr Urn                                          

These simple type of urns can add a lot of form and life to a landscape design in your backyard. Use trailing ivy plants for such urns to create more effect as these sort of urns are made to be tall to hold creeping plants. 

These urns are also great for making a home decor statement indoors, great for the patios and decks, and will be very suitable for outdoor greenery.

Dimension of urn: 17.5"H x 21"W x 21"L.

Other finishes:  Click here for available Standard Finishes

Product ID: F60185

Regular Price: $167.00 each. Sale Price: $154.90 for standard finish.

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Cold Cast Bronze costs more as the process involved is very labor intensive and difficult. In this process, real bronze powder is placed into the surface of the urns during the initial manufacturing process. After the item is removed from the mold, it is then polished until all that is showing is the bronze. The extra cost you see comes from the labor - we are keeping our prices low so that you can enjoy these planters and containers.