Rabbit Statues: Bunny Statues

Discover beautiful rabbit statues and fine rabbit garden statuary at kaccents.com including a distinctive range of bunny statues, lop eared rabbits and hare statues such as our handsome March hare and wild hare statues. Our selected lovable and cute rabbit statues come in many finishes to fit in with your home and garden decor. Discover our fine choices in cement and resin rabbit statues only at kaccents.com. See our Gargoyle Statues Dog Statues Pig Statues Cat Statues Lion Statues

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Resin Rabbit Statue







Kaccents.com is proud to highlight beautiful crafted and realistic resin rabbit statues which will add charm and beauty to your garden landscape. Your landscape design is never complete without our beautiful rabbit and bunny statues.  Discover our rabbit garden statuary which will fit royally within the garden decor. 

Our rabbit statues are popular - they add a great deal of innocence to the garden decor and when interspersed with the greenery, add a certain mystic and wide-eyed beauty to the overall landscape! If you have any questions, please email us at csr@kaccents.com Our rabbit statues are featured here in resin and concrete - please select choice where applicable.



Jack Rabbit

Set of Rabbit Statues

cute brown bunnies figurines, cute lovable bunnies, cute bunny figurines


Jack Rabbit II,

$85.00 #16304

Jack Rabbit,

$89.00  #12610JR

Set of 4 Rabbit Statues, $115.00 #16709

Two Brown Bunny Statues - Large $86.95 #15761BB


Set of Rabbit Statues

Resin Rabbit Statue

Rabbit with Large Ears

Rabbit Key Safe


Set of Rabbit Statues,

$99.95 #15762


$75.00 #15108

Rabbit with Large Ears, $49.95, #23101

Rabbit Key Safe,

$49.95, #15109







Animal bookends come in many forms and themes like our adorable bunny book ends shown here with a mischievous grin.

Resting Rabbit Statue

Mama and Baby Bunny Statues


Pushing Bunny Bookends, $55.00 #13010 

Resting Rabbit,

$64.95, #19230

Mama and Baby Bunny Statues, $87.00  #19024

Bronze Upright Hare Statue, $149.95 #15229









Upright Rabbit Sculpture

Upright Rabbit I



Rabbit Chef Bookends, $79.95, #104231 


Upright Rabbit II,

$85.00, #1228


Upright Rabbit I,

$85.00, #15765












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Kaccents.com highlights some of those realistic and hand crafted animal statues including a fine line of resin rabbit statues, pig statues, eagles and many more. Visit our garden catalogs and decorate your home and garden with our lovely selections of garden and animal statues and garden sculpture. We know gargoyle statues make good watchers for the garden for they traditionally have been known to look after the inhabitants of the home. Others look at its presence as a unique form of garden art. But if you feel that they are the least preferred for your landscaping design and garden design projects, little garden ornaments like our rabbit garden statuary, dog statues and garden frogs can add that nature and garden thrill. Our range if March hare statues include handsome rabbit statues which are available in many attractive finishes. And our rabbit statues include choices such as lop eared rabbits, baby rabbits and bunny rabbits with their families.




Rabbit Garden Statuary, Hare Statues