Religious Statues:

Discover a range of beautiful Catholic statues and religious statues which include our hand crafted Saint Francis statues, St. Jude statues, St Joseph statues, life size nativity sets and our popular Holy Family statues which will set a beautiful and religious accent to your home and garden. All our saint statues and religious statuary are handcrafted on order and hand finished with a color of your choice. Discover also our beautiful lifelike Saint Francis statues Garden statues and religious statues like our famous Saint Francis of Assisi statues, Saint Jude and other saint statues which include Saint Joseph in all forms possible. Our Catholic statues have been widely used in churches.


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Life Size St. Therese The Little Flower


Religious Statues:

Whatever your needs are, our choice religious statues and Catholic statues are designed to impress and add a resounding and graceful beauty to your home and garden. Discover a wide range of catholic statues and saint statues including beautiful renditions of St Jude statues, Baby Fiacre statues, Saint Joseph and  distinguishing Holy Family statue which we offer in two sizes. Please visit our other religious statues pages to view more religious statues for your garden landscape projects including our delightful selections of nativity sets, the Virgin Mary and Jesus statues.

Our lovely Saint Francis statues are shown here in all its immaculate beauty and reflect high craftsmanship and life. We hope you will enjoy these beautiful statues in the years to come and that these statues will offer a divine grace to your home and garden.


Large Outdoor Saint Francis Statue with Cross

Bronze Life Size St Joseph with Child

Saint Joseph with Mary Sculpture

Marble St. Joseph the Worker Statue

Saint Francis, the patron of animals is represented here in a stone finish resin. Discover our Saint Francis statues at

36"H St. Francis of Assisi, $309.95 #16340

Life Size St Joseph with Child, $5,330.00 #95772B

Saint Joseph with Mary, $1050.00 #9566

St. Joseph the Worker Statue, $1,375.00, #13601

20"H Saint Francis,

$94.95 #15703SF

Holy Family Statues and Sculptures

Saint Francis of Assisi Statue in marble

Our Saint Francis statue holds a cross as he spends his time with the creatures of the forest. Resin.

Marble Statue of St Joseph and Child

Saint Francis Statue Patron Saint of Animals

Holy Family Sculpture, $67.00, #17520

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Saint Francis of Assisi in Marble, $129.95 #15432

Small St. Francis with Cross, $94.00 #1346SF



St Joseph and Child, $625.00#1872MRB

Saint Francis Statue,

$2,249.00 #12523

Saint Rita Statue

Life Size St. Therese The Little Flower

16"H Marble Sculpture of St Therese of Lisieux

16"H Marble Sculpture of St Therese of Lisieux

St Francis Bird Feeder - Small

40"H Saint Rita Statue, $3,550.00 #15438SR

59"H St. Therese The Little Flower, $8,500.00#12572ITAL 

39"H Marble Sculpture of St Therese of Lisieux, $1,775.00 #95668

16"H Marble Sculpture of St Therese of Lisieux, $275.00 #101452

St Francis Bird Feeder - Small, $68.00, #12568SF





St. Francis

40"H Saint Joseph with Child

St. Fiacre Statue

Saint Fiacre Statues

Bronze Saint Jude Sculpture



26"H St. Francis,

$129.95 #80004

40"H Saint Joseph with Child, $4,750.00 #95666ITAL 

St Fiacre in the Garden $104.95, #95773

St Fiacre with Rabbit,

$119.95 #2326

Saint Jude Sculpture, $1,850.00 #12504






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Saint Francis Birdfeeder

St. Rita Marble Statue - 15"H

St. Rita Marble Statue - 25"H

14"H Marble Saint Bernadette

20"H Marble Saint Bernadette



Saint Francis Birdfeeder, $129.95 #80194

St. Rita Marble Statue - 15"H, $279.00 #50061

St. Rita Marble Statue - 25"H, $612.00 #50061-25

14"H Marble Saint Bernadette, $259.95 #15631

20"H Marble Saint Bernadette, $689.95 #15631












Bronze Padre Pio of Pietrelcina




Created for indoor and outdoor use, our large bronze sculpture of Saint Anthony of Padua adds a lovely statement to a church or home. Cold cast bronze.


Bronze Padre Pio of Pietrelcina $1,465.00 #15044 


12"H Saint Anthony with Child Statue $165.00 #45069 


16"H Saint Anthony with Child Statue $285.00 #45069-16 


43"H Bronze Saint Anthony with Child Statue $2,285.00 #4506 

Large Saint Francis Bird Feeder, $260.00 #50065











Discover a wide range of Catholic statues and religious statuary at We have featured an amazing number of St. Joseph statues and other fine Catholic statues which are featured in many astounding character. Our beautiful range of saint statues and holy family statues are high quality statues which are handcrafted and hand finished by skilled artisans. We are proud to present our beautiful religious statues and Catholic statues. The high quality of our saint statues as depicted by our beautiful St. Joseph statues and holy family statues have been welcomed and admired for its high quality workmanship and finished work. All our religious statues are made of high quality fiberglass which will last for many years. We also offer custom work for our saint statues and Catholic statues. Please email us for more information.


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