Catholic Statues:

Discover a range of beautiful Catholic statues which include our hand crafted Saint Francis statues, St. Jude statues, St Joseph statues and our popular Holy Family statues which will set a beautiful and religious accent to your home and garden. All our saint statues and religious statuary are handcrafted on order and hand finished with a color of your choice. Explore our beautiful lifelike Saint Francis statues Garden statues and religious statues like our famous Saint Francis of Assisi statues, Sacred Heart of Jesus statues, Saint Jude and other saint statues which include Saint Joseph in all forms possible.

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Close to Life Size Virgin Mary Sculpture

  Catholic Statues

Whatever your needs are, our choice religious and Catholic statues are designed to impress and add a resounding and graceful beauty to your home and garden. Discover a wide range of catholic and saint statues including beautiful renditions of St Jude statues, Baby Fiacre statues, Saint Joseph and  distinguishing Holy Family statue which we offer in two sizes. Please visit our other religious statues pages to view more religious statues for your garden landscape projects including our delightful selections of nativity sets, the Virgin Mary and Jesus statues.

Our lovely Saint Francis statues are shown here in all its immaculate beauty and reflect high craftsmanship and life. We hope you will enjoy these beautiful statues in the years to come and that these statues will offer a divine grace to your home and garden.

"We stumbled on your site and came across your Holy Family. We have never shopped at your site before but we are happy we did! Your Holy Family statue has since found a place in our garden and been a constant source of joy for us...thank you". Lisa C., KY


















blessed virgin mary with open arms

Sacred Heart of Mary

madonna and child

blessed virgin mary figurine

Virgin Mary with Open Arms,

$104.00 #19452

24"H Virgin Mary and Child, $95.00 #2330 

16" Sacred Heart of Mary, $115.00 #10780

12"H Madonna and Child Statue, $52.95 #16423

Blessed Virgin Mary Figurine, $52.95 #19450

Mary with Baby Jesus

mary our lady of the lily

marble lady of grace statue, marble virgin mary sculpture, marble lady of grace sculpture

Close to Life Size Virgin Mary Sculpture

 Mary with Baby Jesus,

$599.95 #15328

Mary, Our Lady of the Lily, $52.95 #95662

Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus,

$89.95 #19451



51"H Life Size Virgin Mary - Marble, $4,790.00 #16115

51"H Virgin Mary,

$5,350.00 #19688IT

Blessed Virgin Mary with Child

Virgin hesistate,and Italian Made Virgin Mary Statues

Mary Statue

Virgin Mary on Marble Base

Marble Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary with Child,#9577

Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus $699.95 #16113

26"H Virgin Mary,

$139.95 #19675

Virgin Mary on Marble Base, $548.00 #95778

Mother Mary - Marble,

$4,190.00 #19674M


32"H Virgin Mary Statue

Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

Bronze Mary Statue

Bronze Our Lady of Guadalupe

  32"H Mary #16321IT

Our Lady of Grace - 19"H, #15009IT


Our Lady of Seven Sorrows - Marble, $225.00 #42098

33"H Bronze Mary,

$1390.00 #95776B

29"H Bronze Our Lady of Guadalupe, #2331











Life Size Virgin and Baby Jesus Statue




Bronze Virgin Mary


Bronze Queen of Heaven Sculpture


Life Size Virgin and Baby Jesus Statue,  #16539IT




Bronze Madonna - 28"H,  $849.00 #95661


Queen of Heaven,

$2,196.00 #16777MQG 

65"H Our Lady of Guadalupe, $5,690.00 #95677





Bronze Queen of Heaven




63"H Virgin Mary with Child





Bronze Queen of Heaven, $8,575.00 #95673




63"H Virgin Mary with Child, $4,330.00 #16322  




Discover a wide range of Catholic statues and religious statuary at We have featured an amazing number of St. Joseph statues and other fine Catholic statues which are featured in many astounding character. Our beautiful range of saint statues and holy family statues are high quality statues which are handcrafted and hand finished by skilled artisans. We are proud to present our beautiful religious statues and Catholic statues. The high quality of our saint statues as depicted by our beautiful St. Joseph statues and holy family statues have been welcomed and admired for its high quality workmanship and finished work. All our religious statues are made of high quality fiberglass which will last for many years. We also offer custom work for our saint statues and Catholic statues. Please email us for more information.


Catholic Statues and Religious Statues