Santa Claus Statues and Christmas Decor

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For those who love the addition of the extras, our selection of Christmas statues highlighting Santa Claus, better known as Saint Nick, would be a neat addition for adorning the Christmas home.

Our Christmas decorations involving Santa Claus include colorful versions of Father Christmas and even tabletop sculptures that add color and cuteness for the season.



Ring of Santa Claus Figurines

Large Santa Claus Statue

20"H Santa Statue with Deer

Santa Claus Statue - 19"H

Ring of Santa Claus Figurines, $125.00 #55106 

36"H Santa Claus, $379.95, 55104 20"H Saint Nicholas Statue with Deer, $149.95 #55108 Santa Claus Statue - 19"H, $138.00,  #55107
Santa Claus Planter      
Santa Claus Planter, $149.95, 55102      



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Santa Claus Statues and Decorations