Roman and Greek Sculptures

Discover ancient Greek sculptures and ancient Roman statues including famous ancient Greek sculptures and Roman statues like Venus de Milo which add character and focal point to the garden landscape. Our life size statues are large statues which create much opportunity for large vertical and horizontal structures. The ancient Roman statues and ancient Greek statues are based on actual reproductions - each of these life size statues are individually hand finished to provide the character that illuminates from the ancient Greek or Roman literatures. We also highlight famous sculptures like Rodin and Milo.

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Our beautiful Roman sculptures and ancient Greek sculptures represent some of the finest additions we can offer. These beautiful sculptures which represent some of the ancient Greek and Roman gods are individually hand finished with a color finish of your choice and are great for use both indoors and outdoors.

Our ancient Greek sculpture reproductions and Roman statues are made of quality fiberglass resin, the same material used in the creation of fiberglass boats. These statues are sturdy and made to withstand for outdoor use. Please let us know if you need further assistance on all our Greek statues or roman sculptures. We have also included some famous sculptures and reproductions like Rodin and other lovely Greek sculptures, the originals of which stand in the Louvre museum. Please email us if you need further help. 


Bronze Greek Woman Statue

Greek Goddess with Globe Statue

Bronze Eros and Woman Sculpture

Eirene Goddess of Peace


Bronze Greek Woman Statue, $1,300.00, #45600

Greek Goddess with Globe Statue, $1,780.00 #5645

Bronze Eros and Woman Sculpture, $669.95 #1526

Eirene Goddess of Peace $1,350.00 #23281 


Bronze Three Muses with Marble Bowl

Large Bronze Bust of Venus

The Three Graces by Antonio Canova


Bronze Three Muses with Marble Bowl, $470.00 #23291

Large Bronze Bust of Venus, $750.00 #100072   

The Three Graces by Antonio Canova, $450.00 #100081

Atlas Sculpture

$74.00 #15666







Bronzed Venus Statue

Venus De Milo Sculpture

Three Muses Table Centerpiece

19"H Bronzed Venus,

$105.00 #260872

20"H Venus, $89.95 #15263VEN


Three Muses Table Centerpiece, $835.00 #100783








Venus - The Bather



Life Size Hebe Statue



36" Venus - The Bather, $459.95, #15289 



Shy Venus,

$1850.00 #5677


64"H Hebe,

$1,160.00 #2328 


9 Foot Venus de Milo, $2,250.00 #45651 




Garden sculptures are a great way of creating movement or even stillness - intermingled with the greenery and the surrounding structures, they tell a story or set a path for another adventure ahead. Our choice ancient Greek God statues and Greek sculptures are beautiful life size pieces which we take great pride in featuring here. These famous statues are based on actual originals that exist in Europe.

Garden statuary has been widely used to enhance the garden landscape by creating a focal point or giving the illusion of stillness or movement. Our life size statues include ancient Roman and Greek God sculptures but we certainly have a fair number of contemporary garden statues to add to our collection of garden statuary. Life size garden sculptures will thrive and blend very nicely in large open space gardens, where there is much opportunity to create vertical and horizontal structures. Our range of Greek and Roman God statues can add a mystic move towards affording a classic look. These lovely life size sculptures add interest, sometimes humor and romance to your garden. Each life size statue or sculpture is individually hand crafted and finished by our artisans to reflect a distinctive flavor. We also offer several finishes to our garden statuary which makes our garden statues an attractive choice.

 For those who are very prone to adventure in the garden, try varying the position of your garden sculptures – amidst all the greenery, garden sculptures should capture your visitors’ interest. It can be placed at the end of a walkway or on a pedestal for all to admire at the entrance to your garden. Garden sculptures can also be used to form part the shrubs and trees. Our range of ancient Roman and Greek God statues add a sense of classic style to a formal garden. These lovely life size statues can be added to emphasize a particular aspect of the garden such as a pool or even a courtyard. Most importantly, large statues like these should create an impact. However, use with discretion - do not clutter your garden with too many of these life size statuary as the beauty of the sculpture itself could be lost when too many of such large statues “fight” to dominate a given space. Be sure to check out some of our lovely Greek statues and sculptures which embody elements of the ancient Greek and Roman history. The large garden statuary are intended to set a discriminating background for your garden landscape. Each life size statuary tells a compelling story from the ancient Roman and Greek history. We hope you will enjoy varying your garden landscape with our wide choice of garden statuary at – each piece of our Greek sculptures and Roman statues is designed to please!

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