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Child Garden Statues - Popular

More Children Statues

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Garden sculptures and garden statues are great garden ornaments to use in marking and emphasizing focal points within your landscape. They act as contrasts against the soft greenery of your plants and provide a definitive character to your garden. Garden sculptures can be small or large and used as hidden or prominent pieces around your lawn and garden; they should be used to create an impact which will be appreciated and effective in communicating your preferences for the garden.


Garden Statues, Garden Sculptures and Garden Statuary:

Discover a wide range of lion statues and tiger statuary which will make fine landscaping ideas for the yard and garden. Our fine lion garden statues are excellent pieces for complementing the background of the topiary that you set for your lawn and garden. Discover a fine line of lion statues including exclusive cement lion statues, fiberglass lion statues and carved lion statues with crest. Each of our lion statues is hand carved and painted by artisans who enjoy the meaning of garden art.  Visit our Lion Statues catalog. 

Children statues add a childhood innocence to the garden ushering themes of all kinds and our children statues catalog highlights small to large and even life size bronze children statues and sculptures. For those who enjoy the theme of reading, visit our reading statues catalog for a range of mother and child reading statues, boy and girl reading statues and even animal reading statues.

Be sure to also visit our large angel statues catalog for beautiful life size angel statues and church angel statues for the home and garden. Visit our Angel Statues Catalog.

Browse our Children Statues for great gifting ideas.


Religious Statues and Saint Francis Statues


See Our Religious Statues Saint Francis Statues

Angel Statues Fairy Statues

Nativity Statues






Discover garden statues, garden sculptures and figurines and unique garden ornaments.  Sale on Wright Statues including Midway Garden Sprite statues.  See Our Customer Testimonials!  

Cat Statues, Unique Cat Gifts and Garden Cat Sculptures


pad Our animal statues catalog features a wide range of animal figurines and unique animal sculptures like monkey statues, frog statues, goose statues, duck statues, horse statues, squirrel statues and a wide range of other animal gifts and cuties.


Bird Statues and Bird Sculptures


Create a celestial decor with cherub statues, cherub figurines and cherub decor for the home and garden or as garden gifts.

 Cat Statues

 Animal Statues

Bird Statues

Cherub Statues


Dog Statues, Dog Sculptures and Dog Gifts

Dragon Statues, Dragon Sculptures and Dragon Gifts

Our angel statues, angel sculptures and angel figurines include a fine choice of angel statuary that add a divine touch to the home and garden decor. Whether you are seeking guardian angel statues, praying angel statues, life size angel statues, small angel figurines, angel bird feeders and even adoration angel statues, you will amazed at the number of angel sculptures we carry.

 Gargoyle Statues and Gargoyle Sculptures



Dog Statues

Dragon Statues

Angel Statues

Gargoyle Statues








Greek and Roman Statues, Sculptures and Busts

Lion Statues, Lion Sculptures and Lion Gifts


Pig Statues and Pig Gifts, Pig Welcome Statue


Rabbit Statues, Figurines and rabbit sculptures, Bunny Gifts and Bunny Sculptures


Greek and Roman Statues

Lion Statues

Pig Statues

Rabbit Statues


Religious Statues, Religious Gifts and Outdoor Holy Family Nativity Sets


Turtle Gifts, Turtle Statues, Frog Gifts, Frog Figurines and Frog Statues


If you are seeking cute lamb statues or sheep gifts for the home and garden, then visit our lamb statues catalog for delightful lamb figurines or choose from garden sheep statues that add a taste of the country.


Elephant Statues, Elephant Sculptures and Unique Elephant Gifts


Religious Statues


Reptiles, Turtles, Frogs


Lamb and Sheep Statues


 Elephant Statues


 Our delightful range of children statues features unique child garden statues such as boy and girl statues that add a gentle and innocent addition to the garden. Also discover our cute kissing children statue which comes in designer grade resin.



Life-Size Tiger Sculptures, Tiger Gifts and Tiger Statues

Garden Eagle Statues, Eagle Figurines and Unique Eagle Gifts


Wolf Statues, Wolf Gifts and Wolf Figurines


 Children Statues   Tiger Statues   Eagle Statues   Wolf Statues

Our garden statuary fountains features fountain statuary such as bear fountain statues, cherub fountain spitters and many decorative fountain spitters for the garden. Also visit for unique garden statuary fountains to add to a whimsical theme.



If you are seeking equestrian gifts and decor, then maybe our horse statues and gifts catalogs feature horse statue and figurines, horse wall plaques and horse head finials that might interest for use as ornaments in the home or garden.



Our range of monkey statues and monkey gifts add to a unique monkey decor with selections of monkey bookends, monkey planter, three wise monkey that highlight the proverbial adage "See No evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil" and other monkey desk items.


dog memorial gifts


Garden Statuary Fountains

   Horse Statues   Monkey Statues   Dog Memorial Gifts

Garden Statues and Sculptures


Our garden statues also features unique fairy statues from the sitting fairy statue to the large fairy sculpture for the garden, to thoughtful fairy gifts for friends and family to garden fairy bird feeders to garden fairy lanterns.









Fairy Statues


Angel Statues



Cherubs or cherubim have always been pictured as pudgy celestial beings, clever and kindly, taking their place near God. Create a heavenly presence with our wide range of resin and stone cherub figurines and angel statues and Fairy statues for your home and garden at Angel Statues Cherub Statues Fairy Statues







Bronze Rabbit Sculpture


Browse our Rabbit Statues catalog for more interesting Rabbit Statues


Discover beautiful rabbit statues and fine rabbit garden statuary including bunny statues, lop eared rabbits and
hare statues.  Our selected lovable and Cuddling Rabbit statues come in several finishes to fit in with your home and garden decor.


Cat statues catlog feature cat garden statues made of resin and concrete, cat garden decor, cat plaques, cat figurines and cat statuary including angel cat figurines and gifts.

We also offer several finishes for our cat statues to blend in with your garden landscape. Discover cute cat sculptures and figurines which embody a unique theme.


Italian Greyhound Statues

Sitting Greyhound, $289.95 #19256

Dog Statues Catalog

Dog Memorial Gifts




 white swan statues, fiberglass resin swan statues, graceful swan statues

Romantic White Swan Statues,

$119.95, #15503  



Also See Heron Statues Crane Statues




From time immemorial, gargoyles and dragons have played a significant role in European literature and culture. We have displayed some intriguing gargoyle statues and dragon statues, both in resin and cast stone, for your interest. Gargoyles can be placed in homes and gardens - most people tend to decorate their gardens with gargoyle sculptures and statues.  These intriguing creatures from folklores, have been used to protect dwellers and ward away evil spirits.  As frightening as they may seem, gargoyles actually served to guard their master's property, person and babies. Gargoyle creatures were also widely used in churches in the Middle Ages to protect against evil spirits.

Resin Gargoyle Statuary





Friendly Gargoyle, $79.95 #150 

Gargoyle Statues


These days gargoyles serve up curiosity in the garden!




Garden statuary add a considerable amount of energy and drama to your garden landscape - no garden is complete without some form of statuary. Lawn statues give breadth and depth to a garden - harbored amidst all that greenery and floral beds, lawn statues add towards providing a focal point and a sense of character that we can happily relate to. They can add humor, romance or even tell a story. Garden ornaments and garden statues can convey movement or stillness or add an element of surprise.  They can serve as a contrast to the landscape and even highlight a particular area within your garden in marked detail. Choosing the right garden ornaments and garden statues is crucial towards adding depth and presence in your garden landscaping projects.


Before you choose your garden sculptures, try and decide the kind that you want to have which will fit in well with your garden landscape and garden decor. The sculpture should be in scale with its surroundings - do not choose a garden sculpture that is minute in comparison to its surroundings nor one too large that it draws attention away from the surrounding landscape. We suggest using a large statue for a focal area as such garden statues command a presence and attention. You can set up a large garden statuary at the end of a long pathway as an instance to draw attention to what lies around the corner such as a deck or a pool. Garden statues, when placed in strategic locations, offer a break to what lies ahead.


Garden statuary should be placed to create an impact and figurative garden sculptures can add considerable drama to a landscape. They can add whimsy to the garden while telling a story. Choose a good piece for the garden - even a pair of lion statues will be a desirable completion to your garden decor. However, use too many garden statues and the individual impact of each will be lost. The net result is you will have too many garden sculptures competing for attention and crowding the beauty of the landscape.


There has been a heightened demand for garden statuary the last few years and today, there are many choices offered at prices which are affordable.  Kaviik's Accents ( supplies only the finest made garden statues available - we ensure that each garden ornament and statue will make an impression to your landscape and possess the quality that is expected. Please visit our garden statues catalog for some lovely choices in garden ornaments and statuary.

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Welcome the magic to your garden with our fine selections of fairy statues and unique fairy sculptures.

Visit our Fairy Statues Catalog Gnome Statues.


Our religious statues offer a wide variety of Catholic statues including beautiful Saint Francis statues, Saint Fiacre statues, Mary and St Joseph statues, St Michael statues and fine outdoor nativity scenes. Visit our Religious Statues catalog for more statues including bronze religious statues.



Discover wedding gifts for the happy couple with our kissing statues and consider them even as anniversary gifts for the couple celebrating the 10th, 25th and even 50th anniversary.Kissing statues add much whimsical fun to the garden and do nicely as wedding gifts and anniversary gift ideas for the happy couple. Visit our Kissing statues catalog.



Our range of reading statues include reading angels, mother reading to children sculptures, boy and girl reading statues as well as whimsical statues of animals reading books. We also feature reading angel and cherub sculptures.

Reading statues add an inspiring addition to the home and garden and our range of small and large reading sculptures include children reading statues as well as whimsical statues of animals reading books. Visit our Reading statues catalog.








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Our garden sculptures and garden statues are unique and timeless - they create an exciting addition to the garden and help create the scenery you could aspire. Our garden sculptures are handcrafted and hand finished with a color of your choice where applicable. The garden ornaments that you use within your garden is what keeps it a source of refuge - a refuge filled with garden art and garden magic. The trickling of the fountains and the presence of the "earthly" gargoyle statues together with garden statues like our turtle statues and frog statues is what renders the garden a haven for us all.  Garden ornaments like our garden rabbits statuary, dogs and garden frogs are bound to add to the nature and garden thrill. We offer high quality for our animal statues, they are made in the US and those which come in concrete are created artistically to offer an aging and antique look. Our other chanting collection include beautiful life size angel statues which will add a unique quality to your garden and which are suitable for use as church angels.


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