Decorative Concrete Planters:

Our range of concrete landscape planters make your landscaping design projects so much fun. These beautiful concrete planters are individually hand crafted and hand finished. Create refreshing designs and approaches with our choice of concrete planters which are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Each stone pot and concrete planter have been created through a unique process and may show bits of gravel that creates that natural aged texture and look. Every piece should be considered unique as with handmade products. These pots and planters are produced by artisans with a strong sense of craftsmanship, we are confident that our concrete landscape planters and deck planters will add a resounding flavor to any home and garden. Many of these pots are offered with several attractive color finishes to suit your decorative accents. Most planters are produced upon confirmed order so please allow 3-4 weeks for order to ship. Selected planters and pots may be offered with Free Shipping while others are not. Most will ship via motor freight due to their weight. Please contact customer service at  if you have any questions.  Also visit our Flower Pots catalog for great looking fiberglass planters and pots.


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Our range of concrete planters have been designed with a unique process that allows it to be artificially aged and look like an antique.  Flower Pots and containers help us bring our gardening indoors. If you are looking to place a number of different plants in one container or flower pot, purchase containers that have suitable sizes to accommodate this - for instance, you can place a layer of Italian parsley intermingled with the bare stalk of the eggplant to hide the latter and display its more attractive fruit while proudly highlighting the green of the paisley.. Indoor gardening can be fun - line your courtyard or doorway with a rich combination of flowers and green plants in flower pots. Plants can salute your guests with a warm welcome and the multi colors can be a pleasant greeting to your guests as they make their entrance to your home.  And be creative with your flower pots and containers - just a few containers of plants can present many architectural forms - using different shapes, sizes and materials can be combined to create good effects in your flower garden and indoor gardening areas!





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Cast Stone Garland Urn with Lid, concrete pot, concrete planters, decorative garden planters

Zen Concrete Planter #15807, $489.50

Goldfish Planter Large #90131, $409.50  New Low Price!

Garland Urn w/Lid #90126, $238.0

Fluted Urn, Small #16501, $549.50

Bell Garden Pot

#AC146, $379.50


Goldfish Planter Small #90130, $214.50  

Round Garden Pot #16222, $392.50 

Oval Garden Pot #16223, $382.50 

Small Cloud Planter, concrete planters, decorative garden planters

Small Garland Planter, concrete planters, decorative garden planters

Knowledge and Truth Planter, concrete planters, decorative garden planters

Playful Rats Planter, concrete planters, decorative garden planters

Small Garden Pot #10457, $52.50    Small Garland Pot #13542, $62.50    Knowledge is Truth Planter #90127, $62.50    Playful Rats Planter #90128, $49.50   




  Rectangular Garland Planter #AC120, $122.50  


Did you know that using the many flower pots and containers available can do much in sculpting the look and feel of your garden? Read Elaine's articles for landscape design ideas on container planting:

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Introduce Indoor Gardening to your Home with uniquely styled plant stands and add tranquility and natural tones indoors! 

Introducing the Greens with Indoor Gardening



Introduce our Italian Garden Planters and Flower Pots to Your Home and Garden: 

Introducing Italian Garden Planters



Our garden planters and plant stands are designed to be pretty and practical. It is possible to create a pretty flower garden using just pots and containers - with a good landscaping design sense, both outdoor and indoor gardening can be an enjoyable and relaxing process! Try planting vegetables such as tomatoes in window boxes or even paisley - line these lovely window boxes alongside your rose garden - a sure win for your gardening and landscape design efforts! Shallow pots provide great planting ground for an artfully arranged herb garden such as thyme or paisley - you cannot go wrong using containers for your planting needs! Hanging containers or wall planters offer the gardener a great opportunity to combine form and structure with flowers and plants in many ways. There are many wall planters in the market but choose one that is sturdy and will hold your pots for the weight they take.


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