Tiger Statues:

Discover tiger statues including life-size tiger sculptures and white tiger statues from kaccents.com. Tigers are one of the largest members of the cat family and possess fascinating grace and beauty. However, they are one of the most careful calculative predators and also possess an unearthly electrifying roar which is hard to ignore. Tigers hold a special place in the varied cultures of this world and are used prominently in Asian myths, religions and the arts. Today, these dynamic creatures are facing acute extinction thought to be brought about by excessive wildlife hunting and destruction of of their habitat. 

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Kaccents.com is proud to introduce distinguished tiger statues and sculptures for your home and garden! Our distinguishing tiger statues include beautiful reproductions of even the royal white tigers which will add a unique addition to the garden landscape.

All our tiger statues are realistically handcrafted and hand finished. They are great for garden use and will make fine additions even within the home. Our smaller tiger sculptures are great as fine gift ideas for those who treasure these beautiful creatures.



Crouching White Tiger Statue

Lying Tiger Statue

Bronze Stalking Tiger Statue

Bengal White Tiger Statue

White Tiger Statue II, $99.95, #16342A     Lying Tiger Statue, $75.00 #12811     Stalking Tiger Statue, $745.00 #15521     White Tiger Statue, $99.95, #16342     
White Tiger Cub Statue Stalking Tiger Statue    
Bronze Tiger Bust Sculpture, $499.95 #15242TB     Stalking Tiger Statue II, $945.00 #15524         
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The fear that man has over these creatures has caused them to be pushed to only a few isolated regions across Asia. Although a number of conservationists have formed ecological institutions and groups to protect these endangered species, human beings continue to ravage their habitat and threaten their survival. Tigers are closely related to lions, leopards, and jaguars. These beautiful creatures are hunted down for their fur to satisfy the fashion industry. Hunters also kill these regal creatures for their body parts and sell them on the black market. Several conservationists are working with governments to restrict the sale of tiger body parts. China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States, have supported this move by strengthening their laws and policies in the tiger body parts trade. Kaviik's Accents hails these handsome and powerful tiger statue by introducing delightful additions for your garden landscape including life-size tiger statues and sculptures, as well as white tiger statues which will make excellent gift ideas as well. Please email us if you have any questions on our choice tiger sculptures.



Tiger Sculpture and Statues