Turtle Statues:

Discover fine garden tortoise statues and turtle figurines for the home and garden. Our unique turtle statues also make fine turtle gifts. Turtles are thought to endow a balance in life and are closely associated to Mother Earth in Native American culture. While some cultures look to turtles as symbolisms of good luck, turtles are also thought to have meaning in dreams. To dream of a turtle is thought to make a slow but progressive move towards success in your endeavors. Our lovely turtle figurines and unique tortoise statues set the stage for garden use. Crafted of fine designer grade fiberglass resin and solid cast stone, our choice in turtle statues also includes large turtle statuary for the yard and garden. 

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Discover a wide selection of turtle figurines, turtle gifts and tortoise statues for your home and garden. Decorate your garden with our turtle statues and adorable turtle figurines, some of which act as unique key holders. Each piece is handcrafted and hand finished by skilled artisans. 

For those who are looking for lucky charms, what better way than to add turtle statues and turtle gifts which offer you some garden luck.





Little Turtle Figurine

Large Brass Sea Turtles on Marble Base

Large Sea Turtle Duet Sculpture


Little Turtle, $59.95 #1642 

Peter the Cast Iron Turtle $62.95, #1645CI

Large Brass Sea Turtles on Marble Base, $522.00, #15236BT

Large Sea Turtle Duet Sculpture, $219.00 #15230B 


Large Sea Turtles

Swimming Turtles Spitter

Bronze Turtle Fountain Sculpture


  Large Marine Turtle $144.95,  #1860T

Large Sea Turtles

$2,664.00, #1240

Swimming Turtles Spitter, $1,850.00, #1640

Bronze Swimming Turtle, $8,995.00 #1641







Reading Turtle with Book Statue

turtle statues pair, concrete turtle statues, small turtle statues, stone turtle statues

Water Turtles, Garden Turtles, Concrete Turtles

Our turtle bookends make charming turtle gifts for the office and den. Made of resin.


Turtle with Book,

$49.95, #1644

Turtle Statues - Pair,

$49.95 #15239

Water Turtle,

$56.50 #15240

Turtle Bookends, $49.95, #15233





Percy's Turtle Statue

Cast Iron Turtle Key Hider

Small Turtle Statue



Sam, the Old Turtle,

$55.00 #1857



Percy's Turtle,

$64.95 #10604


Cast Iron Turtle Key Hider $39.95, #11139T


Turtle Critter,

$59.95, #18552T






















Our choice in garden turtle statues and tortoise statues includes lovely handcrafted statues of these wondrous creatures of nature. Turtles have long fascinated people of many cultures and are often used to symbolize wisdom and long life but they have also been a subject of much abuse by mankind. In China and Southeast Asia, turtles are sometimes venerated in religious ceremonies. Several cultures around the world allow the consumption of turtle flesh and eggs, and turtle parts have been used widely in traditional medicines. The Hawksbill turtle have been killed mercilessly for their decorative shells for use in the jewelry trade. All this has served to affect our ecosystem causing an imbalance in their natural habitat. By maintaining an awareness of our natural environment, we help protect the life of these creatures. The sale of turtles and tortoises should not be allowed and the survival of these creatures should be protected. Kaviik's Accents celebrates the beauty of these creatures by introducing fine garden turtle statues and large turtle figurines for use in the garden and as gifts.



Resin Turtle Figurines and Concrete Turtle Gifts